Airfix replacement part issue

Hi all,
has anyone out there experienced the same like me trying to get a replacement part from Airfix?

In my case i need the body of their 1:32 Jaguar 420. It has a large hole at the lower edge of the fron door.
First i asked for replacemend at the shop were i bought the kit. The replacement arrived quick in form of a complet kit. But… it has nearly the same problem. The hole is a bit larger :wink:

So i decided to contact Airfix for a replacement part.
This is the answer:

Dear Sir
Thank you for your e-mail.
Please contact place of purchase as we do not have stock of this part available.
Thank you

Airfix spares

Happy modelling

You can’t be serious.

Apparently, Airfix are the best, and their customer service is second to none.


Whilst that’s pretty shabby, is it not fixable with say, an insert of plastic card and some putty?

:joy: lesson learned

may be possible.

But i expect the appropriate value for my money. We are not talking about transport damage, but about poor casting and quality control. This should not be too much to ask even if the kit costs only 15.99£.

Harald, I take your point but given that this model came out in 1968 I’m not really surprised given the use of the moulds after all that time; that doesn’t make it rught of course but perhaps is an explanation.

Easily fixable. We are modelers aren’t we? In the time you have taken to complain about it, it could have been fixed.

How encouraging.

Wonder if it could be the ejection pin punching straight through the mould? Or the pin stuck in place when the current moulding was made?

I have the same problem with the DH Heron reissue. A hole in one fuselage caused by the ejector pin. And mine wasn’t the only one. On its release, other modellers were very quick to post photos of the same hole in the same place!

Based on the smooth edges of the void it my be a “short shot” which I believe is then the plastic cools & solidifies before completely filling the mold.

As usual I can see both sides of this issue, but surely it ultimately comes down to degree. I’m sure we’ve all had to repair minor defects in kits and I think this is a minor & easily repairable fault. If the mould is that old I think you got exactly what you paid for. Yes it’s irritating, but patching/filling/sanding are fairly basic model-making skills after all.