AK Interactive - Anyone fired for the initial "Condemnation" marketing fiasco?

Ken, an honest, accurate assessment of this situation and AK Interactive in general. With AK, it’s not about product. It’s not about innovation. It’s all about the money grab.
Your drawer full of crap just proves the point.
I’m still mad at my $70 box of AK weathering pencils that don’t work. At all. Not for sh*t.
And I know AK doesn’t care.

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I won’t pretend to know what they were thinking by going in this direction. I’ve been modeling since the 60’s. The hobby never seemed to indulge itself in the macabre. Overly bloody scenes were by and large tastefully avoided. Is that reality? No. Those who have been witness to war or civil catastrophes will attest it is not.
Do we benefit from depicting it in all its gore and horror? Not in my opinion. Don’t deny history but don’t dwell on the worst of it for the sake of shocking the viewer or pandering to those with psychological issues.
Hopefully this book was NOT done to appeal to the segment of our society that enjoys dark images whether in books, movies or video games. I guess there may be money it it for AK.

You got “AK’d”


@Armorfarm Ken,

Thank you for the detailed summary. That is exactly :100: what I wanted to know about the sequence of events and who was responsible.

The why the project was done the way it was done becomes clear in light of that information - it’s the product of an infantile minded owner.

Never would have gussed there was this much drama with those two weathering supply companies all in all…fake anxiety attack/heart attack scene…lol…should be a Netflix melodrama.

VMS looks like my first choice for these sorts of items going forward.

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A lot of those products are like that, a money grab. Slap a fanboy logo on something, jack up the price and they will buy it, just because of the name that’s on it - even if there are better products out there that work for less money. I figured that out long ago when I saw how much the pigments were going for, a bottle of them were going for what I paid for an entire set of earth tones. We got the book in question in at the store about a month ago, since it came in on a day when we weren’t open for business I took a gander through it and wasn’t especially impressed one way or another. Offended? It takes a lot to offend me in all honesty between the military and my years in the fire department and EMS very little does. For the fans of the slasher genre, the gallons of stage blood, squibs and moulage don’t compare to the sights, sounds and smells of the real world. I voted with my wallet, it stayed on the shelf (even with the employee discount), and bought several kits instead.

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There’s no accounting for those who find slasher movies entertaining, or those who slow down to rubberneck at fatal accidents, etc. If you’re into that sort of thing, to each his/her own I can scroll past your stuff, opt not to buy it, etc. They have a right to try to sell it, just as we who are their customers have a right to let them know what we think of their decisions by not buying those products. If something gets a good leaving alone, odds are that there won’t be more added to the line and what is out there will eventually disappear from the marketplace overtime. Just look at the Edsel.

Well… of course I was going on my opinion of the revised edition and not the style/format first issue put out. That one is clearly done in poor taste. The revised edition though seems more in line with how we have published similar pieces online.

I do want to however say that making comments about faking heart attacks and calling the owners of companies infantile are the kind of personal attacks I don’t want to see on this forum.

Speaking as someone who has dealt with anxiety issues in the past saying someone ‘faked’ a heart attack when you have ZERO health information about the actual circumstances just some media report or rumor, is not cool. I mean seriously… the man just lost his wife this past year to cancer and you are defaming him and AK like you have all the facts, when what you actually have, Ken, is just supposition and assumptions. Stop. Thank you.

I think this conversation is done. I hope my point is made.