AK Interactive's 1/35 Javelin ATGM and Carrying Containers

From TheModelingNews. Scroll to the middle of the webpage for description and retail prices.


Javelin carrying containers.

Javelin in firing position showing three missiles in flight and used launcher.


oooh these look very interesting.

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I’m looking forward to getting some of these , as the use in dioramas would add a lot of extra interest I feel .
Can’t wait to see what else they bring out in this range .


The carrying case look nice but not sure about the Javelin itself. The tube shape looks a bit off and so does the launch control. O, well, there are now too many to choose from.

I wonder if the Stinger and other SHORAD missiles will be next to design and produce by these resin and plastic companies.

All these Javelin ATGM candidates will make for good entries in the “Not a Tank Destroyer Campaign.”