AK Real Colors being phased out and reformulated and put in to squeeze bottles?

has any one heard of AK real colors being phased out or reformulated?

Where you’ve been, bro?

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He’s been huffing Tamiya Extra Thin like you should be doing, pal.

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I do lines of powdered putty. Tamiya Extra Thin is weak.

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Seriously though, there is some reformulation going on but for the most part it is just moving everything under the 3rd Gen banner and drop bottles all around. I guess that’s okay – especially for airbrushing – but I do like the jars and they’re more reusable than little plastic bottles. I have a set of 3G skin tones and they work as well if not maybe better (IMO) than the 2nd Gen stuff.

If you need a color now and can find it go ahead and get it as it may take a bit before the new stuff heads out.

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Stock on as much REAL COLOR you can get before the paints get reformulated.

That’s what I’m doing. :wink:

I need more Dunkelgelb and Panzergrau but my LHS is out (missing about half the display rack actually) and my online go-to Michigan Toy Soldier is also out. They have the sets but I already have a bunch of green and red-brown.

I’ve actually reverted to my Tamiya Dark Yellow to save the AK for my nicer builds.

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