Alclad II

The website of Alclad UK seems to be down for some time now.

Does anybody know what is going on?

They changed names, can’t remember what too. But if you search this website Alclad II the thread sharing the new name should be easy to find

Indeed, here it is: HR Hobbies – Modelling Supplies

It seems a bit odd to end a website without any warning that the company has been rebranded… but their new website still contains the same text saying that BREXIT makes it impossible to sell anything outside the UK.

A pity that such a nice company (and very friendly people) are hindered by these brexit stuff :frowning:

Agreed! Their metallics are my absolute favorite. Hope brexit doesn’t hurt then too bad

I’m no fan of Brexit, believe me, but that sounds implausible at best and a bare faced lie at worst.

I don’t know whether it is a lie but I would find it strange that they would push away such a large amount of customers:

Their site states:


Important Message for all our European customers

Due to the Brexit regulation changes there are still problems sending parcels to the EU. There are long delays caused by customs checking the paperwork and many parcels are being returned back to us.

whilst we are actively trying to resolve this issue we unfortunately cannot take any orders from EU customers at the present time.

As soon as we are in a position to re start sales to our EU customers we will post on here and our social media sites.

You can get them also from Ammo or their distributors:

Aha! So their website doesn’t say its impossible, just that their pre-planning and administration is so poor, they now find themselves playing catch-up with the required export documentation.

They weren’t the only ones, but many, many companies managed this without too much fuss, albeit with a lot of effort.

Maybe it is just an excuse to limit their own sales to the UK, and count on other companies (such as Ammo) to do the European sales.