All Things Apocalyptic and Adorable

Group Build Title: All Things Apocalyptic and Adorable

Group Build Leader(s): @phil2015

Group Build Description: This is negotiable. My starting idea is that it’s for anything that fits into apocalyptic broadly defined. Zombies? In Nuclear fallout? In Alien invasion? In Uncontrollable disease mutations? In. What else goes here?

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The apocalype is my favorite genre. I’ll think of something for an entry. Thank you for the campaign.

Randy :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much help it needs fleshing out in terms of definition…

I’ve been pondering a zombie diorama for a few weeks now. Have most of the bits and pieces. Maybe. Definite maybe. Time is the big question.

I could be in for this …I was going to do the Wolf WMIK as a side build for my apocalyptic HEMTT gun truck … but I can build the Wolf here as an entry for this one …