All Things Apocalyptic and Adorable

While the rear section was fitted, I made then added the front angle bars either side of the dash.

They are about 1mm to long (intentionally) and I will sand that back prior to final assembly when the rear goes on. Also added the PE grill which I’m going paint sand.

Also added running boards either side under the door opening… I’m thinking of leaving that area clear and not adding anything. I may try and make full harness seat belts for the 2 front seats.

Painted 3 of the wheel arches in the normal black (Tamiya rubber black) but left the front left one as I’m going to do that entire front wing in sand …

Will also go over some of the added armour and roll cage frame in various military green shades and or primer red.


Started making the winch …

Used an old battery with one long side cut out and the insides sanded a bit thinner.

Added some bits at each end to represent the housing for the mechanism inside.

And added some wound thin wire as the winch cable.

Just need to add the cable end and a few extra details.


I started on the first figure for the “Reichbusters” game. The first figure is a hero character: an Ukrainian sniper.

More to follow :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done …and yes … it’s a bomb lol…

However, not for long !! I am going try and turn it into a spotlight for the rotatable .50 mount … I hope :grin:

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No not the bomb, da bomb…