Allied trucks

Another HobbyBoss/Italeri cab conversion:
This one done by the well known mid-west modeler, John Hale.

John also had a bit to say about HB having mis-proportioned gas cans and on his use of after-market items instead.


One more from my Allied Motor Pool:


those figures are simply outstanding!! Plus I really liked the Bren Gun on the back. Different touch that stands out for me.

how about Great Dane? They’ve built some trailers in the past for the military

Just listed the names I am aware of. Has Great Dane been in business THAT long? I did not realize.

Image found on line:






AEC Matador by AFV Club & 4.5” gun by Accurate Armour done a few years back.


The AEC Matador might just be the best truck ever made. Some still earning their keep after 84 years as logging trucks.

I love that shortie COE bus! Now if only a big kit manufacturer (other than Hobby Boss!) would bless us with a plastic COE kit in 1:35…

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I have actually been on that bus in the first image. It is part of the Patton, now Benning Collection, but it had been stored outside for a lot of years so cannot say what condition all that sheet metal is now in.

I have done my part for the GMC AFKX 352 with whayne small arms repair body.
It is made with shortened Italery chassis and resin wheels, ( I have no idear who the manufacturer is)
All the rest is scratch build .
So it should be time now for a plastic kit of this nice truck.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

All the best


You scratched that front end? Leon you’re officially my hero! That’s excellent work there…

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Wow, great job!!!
your job is excelent

Yes, more info please on how you constructed that front bonnet.
Cast? Carved? Built up?


Thank you for your nice comments.
The front end is carved and sanded from a block of CibaTool.
This is a very dense composite material that is very easy to carve, sand and saw.
I have used this for a number of models.
I also made a Dodge WK60, this became a master model for Resicast.

Another model I made with this material is my Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton panel truck.
Again this is a Italery chassis with front of the cabin.
Everything behind the cabin is again carved and sanded out of Cibatool plates.

All the best


WOW, just Wow!


I have found some pictures made while I was building them.
I had to scan them because it was pre digital times then.

The brown collour material is the Cibatool, the crème collour is filler.
It took a lot of sanding, filling, and sanding again
Hope you like them.

All the best


An interesting thread. I would love to start a collection of 1/35 trucks but where to start?
A year or two ago I photographed many WW2 trucks that had been used in the timber industry.

Here’s one that maybe a challenge.


Here is one example, many best to break it down by country

I think you could share the photos in one thread called Allied Trucks in civilian use for example, players choice on the naming.