Allied trucks

I have some pictures of my Dodge truck that I showed earlier… probably to much sand and dust on it for most people, but this is an Isreali version, that will be in my IDF diorama in the Sinai…


Hey Digger ~ I see the generator in the back of that Ben Hur trailer with the high flotation tires. I am guessing you are building the CCKW with the radio shelter box in the rear?

That one has been on my “must build list” for many a year!





Yep - that’s the photo that inspired me! But I’m using the Italeri CCKW with gun ring hole in the roof instead of the completely solid cab, so mine is slightly different. (I could sacrifice another water-truck cab to get a solid roof, but so far I’ve resisted…)

I designed the banjo axles as a Shapeways set, and I’m using the DEF wheels - you need two sets of those bad boys. The leftovers will go on the trailer of my stalled bolster-truck conversion.


By the way @165thspc , ther is a pic of three film-processing trucks in the Tankograd book, each with a radio shelter repurposed as a darkroom for the 165th signals photo company - do you know anything about them? I’ll build one eventually but I wondered if it needs a closed or open cab.

Man after my own heart!

The Bolster truck is on my list as well!

Tom ~ I wish you would post a copy of that photo of the 165th SPC darkroom trucks.

My Signal Photo Company Commander (Reenactor) spent his Vietnam hitch in just such a truck parked up on jacks next to a hanger developing recon aerial film.

Also, though it was in sad shape I found such a photo shelter being used for paint storage next to the Power Plant at the Kentucky School for the Blind in Danville, KY.

The primary tag labels this as a Crosley built Radio Shelter Box. Now I am no expert on these things, but that secondary label may identify this as a PH-56 Enclosure - I would point out that all WWII era Army photographic equipment normally carried the designation “PH”.
My WWII Army Kodak 35mm is a PH-324 and this was true up till around 1957 when the system of nomenclature was changed.

. . . . . Rear Wall w/Entry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Forward Wall . . . . . .

Driver’s Side Wall


. . . . . . . . . Lift rings . . . . . . . . Tie downs . . . . . . . .

Interesting Split Dutch Door.
That way you could enter / exit regardless if the truck tailgate was up or down.

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More pics of a restored HQ-17 shelter. Some pics don’t show, but they will if you right-click to open them in a new tab…


A few detail pics of my Italeri DUKW that had Eduard PE added as well as Thachweave bumpers. Operable wake board from printer’s aluminum, folded windshield and larger anchor with stowage supports were scratchbuilt, as were the front wheel covers. (Sorry for the dust - model’s been in the locker for years!)



@ PzAufkl. Nice looking DUKW overall! The vacant fuel can rack is a very nice touch. :duck:


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Peter that’s an excellent DUKW! (I built one two years ago, but it is still in a box waiting for weathering and final assembly…)

Maybe later when I get up to the “office” to hit the scanner!

Love that shelter - worth crawling over it with a hand-tape and notebook, as these are easy enough to scratch-build with enough info. The Azimut resin kit is a mixed blessing…

By the way, I managed to measure a real bolster truck at the height of lockdown in 2020, so have accurate numbers for all the parts - I just haven’t had time to make them up. I’ll CAD them first to get things right, and maybe 3D-print some bits that would be tough to scratch from the big bag of Evergreen. Not sure if a fully printed offering on Shapeways would be affordable to any but the most fanatic, but I’ll upload it and see…

Thank you for your kind words - one of the reasons for my slow builds is that I’ve ordered myself to finish a model before I start on the next one…

I never listen to that “small voice of reason”. Instead I usually listen to that other guy who yells:"Yes, let’s start another one!"

And sometimes that other guy just whispers: Wouldn’t it be cool if . . . . or, "Hey. I got an idea . . .

. . . and I am off and running!

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What are you planning?

Well it is usually that either me or that little bad guy in my head has a new kit-bash idea and I have to drop what I am doing and start an all new project.

All the model railroad structures I have been rejuvenating for the local hobby shop of late seems to be keeping the little guy at bay!

Have not had a good kit-bash idea in quite some time!

My GM Motor Pool:

(The GM logo will forever remain in CAPITAL LETTERS, for me anyway ~ Thank you very much. What a farcical waste of money and effort on the part of the company ~ money they don’t have!)

Water Tanker and Fire Tender:
Combo of Italeri water truck and Tamiya cab, hood & fenders.

CCKW LWB Gun Truck:
Combination of Tamiya Deuce and Italeri Gun Truck Cab, Hood & Fenders.

AFKWX COE (Prototype):
Combo of all Tamiya parts: CCKW base chassis + Extra Load Box + Fenders and Hood from a Long Range Desert Truck.
(I call this a “prototype” as I realize this design does not conform to the appearance of the actual production GM cab and fender design.)

My Baby Deuce: One and a Half Ton Chevy Cargo Truck.
Chopped down Tamiya Deuce chassis and loadbox with Italeri Water Truck Cab.

Deuce and a Half, or just Half a Deuce:
Combo of two axle Armored Scout Car and CCKW chassis.

Chevy Semi-Tractor and 4 ton Trailer:
Chopped down Tamiya Deuce and Scratch Built trailer.
Found out only later that these tractors were built ONLY with the enclosed cab.

New enclosed cab version of tractor now under construction.

Trailer has working, foldable parking wheels.

Currently in the Works:

Converted Railroad Locomotive:

Grasshopper Transport:
Tamiya chassis, Italeri cab and Bronco Aircraft.

In case it is not obvious:
The Italeri hard cab and fenders are almost an exact drop-in replacement for the Tamiya open cab. Just lose the Tamiya full engine and settle for the Italeri “oil pan only” engine. Or with a little more work you can have the full engine in there as well!
Flightline Fuel Truck:


Single Axle Fuel Browser:

And Someday ~ Maybe:

OR EVEN . . . .


Wow Mihael, that is one great collection of trucks!! Absolutely love them!

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Who says the Combat Arms get all the glory? :wink:
This looks like an 88M tribute post :thinking:

Those are some fine builds! My time has been lacking of late, but I really must get back onto that fire-engine pump and details that I was CAD-ing up. (I have dimensions to scratch the load bed, and there is a guy on Shapeways that sells the hose reels and plumbing fittings…) But first I really ought to finish some of my existing trucks.