Alsacast Sherman troop

Good day all, im not new here just do not post much,with life and such, my old account did not carry over from the old platform. I have been dabbling in ho armour lately , there really are not to many forums that cover it , but i would like to post my finished project that i did up for a friend. Some alsacast shermans, not perfect i dont mind.enjoy. hopefully pics load.




Look pretty good with some nice detailing… Well done :+1:

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Thank you, they are supposed to represent the 8th New Brunswick Hussars.

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Wow, if you didn’t say HO armour I would have thought these were 1/35 before weathering


Wow, Alsacast packs a lot of detail. Thanks for posting. Will there be Bren gun carriers, too?

Maybe someday, im working on 4 grossdeutschland tigers right now.


I look forward to those. Early, mid or late? Alsacast or another brand?

Hope you will show them.

Here are my GD tigers after being knocked out by is122s, they will be numberd C11-14, plussome other projects.


All these are brilliant… Perfect size for Dio and lots going on and lots of vehicles…I may have to look into these a bit more … The detailing is lovely

Here are a couple of panthers im going a bit nutz on.
its going to be GD 01 and 321-325.
Once the bug bites its hard to stop.


I have not built any Alsacast yet but Artitec is pretty amazing, per this StuG:

If you would like to see more, here is their reviews on old site:


Are those SDV Pzr IVs? Who makes the Ferdinand? Lovin’ that schuzen.

Is the P/E on the Panthers part of the kit?

The pziv is sdv extras pretty much scratch built , ferdi is roco with a medical needle for a barrel, the panthers etch is hauler augmented with scratch brass parts. Someday ill mount them in railway loads

Those are great references, thank you

I know these are HO scale and they are pictured here as sitting on railroad flat cars but it is sad they could not also be cross listed in both the “Allied Armor” and “Military Railroad Scale” sections.

They certainly “hold their own” right up there with the 1/35th Armor and the Military Scale topics. Great job!

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Don’t see a reason why they can’t be… They are armour …:+1:

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Well that is actually what I am saying. This Thread should really be in the Armor section. Probably Allied.

My GD tigers enroute to restore n repaint shop.
I hav as accurately as possible individualized them to roughly the specs at the time they were destroyed. There are limited pics of the actual tanks so they r not 100% correct.


The panthers etch is a hauler enhanced with scratch-made brass parts, the pziv is sdv extras almost all created from scratch, and ferdi is roco with a medical needle for a barrel. I’ll mount them on railroad loads sometime.

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