Alsacast Sherman troop

Good day all, im not new here just do not post much,with life and such, my old account did not carry over from the old platform. I have been dabbling in ho armour lately , there really are not to many forums that cover it , but i would like to post my finished project that i did up for a friend. Some alsacast shermans, not perfect i dont mind.enjoy. hopefully pics load.




Look pretty good with some nice detailing… Well done :+1:

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Thank you, they are supposed to represent the 8th New Brunswick Hussars.

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Wow, if you didn’t say HO armour I would have thought these were 1/35 before weathering


Wow, Alsacast packs a lot of detail. Thanks for posting. Will there be Bren gun carriers, too?

Maybe someday, im working on 4 grossdeutschland tigers right now.


I look forward to those. Early, mid or late? Alsacast or another brand?

Hope you will show them.