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Coming this July from Amusing Hobby is its 1/35 scale kit of the proposed light reconaissance tank based on the Kanonenjagdpanzer tank destroyer.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at

Although one prototype was produced, the World of Tanks crowd will have you believe this was fully deployed. And likely capable of defeating anything thrown at it…

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I mean, what the hell? 'Just spotted this over on Tracklink:

Buh-luddy-hell: we do live in interesting times!

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I must just say I would have preferred an HS-30 or say, the AMX 10P, or even a YP-408, but this is not uninteresting. I probably won’t get one but I’m sure it will be an attractive enough little model.

Well done Amusing Hobby (but give the foregoing a little thought please).

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Amusing Hobby is doing the KaJaPa with/for Das Werk:

Maybe we’ll get the RaketenJagdpanzer and the Beobachtungspanzer as well —

This is a pretty good time for Cold War modellers I fully admit, what with the M103A1, and the new Jagdpanzer Kanone, and now the rather obscure AH RU 251; it’s just that I thought if you’re going to bering out something Bundeswehr-ish (such a word?) then give the HS 30 some thought(!)

Great so now I can get rid of the Revell kit ?? Saw one built up at the AMPS show last weekend- very nicely done.

Use it as a paint mule?
I managed to buy correction parts for mine so I will eventually build it.

Me too; I might just push it up the list - which is what I say whenever something newer than what I already have is announced. That’s the theory - the doing however, that’s the real problem.

I’m curious to know who makes aftermarket stuff for the Revell kits.
They have complete kits, conversions, upgrades/corrections and accessories

Just saw this myself Brian. AH are certainly pulling some surprise out of the bag. Would make an interesting model to place next to a Bundeswehr M41, which I think these were supposed to replace? A very nice box art there as well. I have to agree though that your other suggestions would be very welcome!

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I agree - to such an extent I can now see myself buying one, not least to go alongside my Tamiya Bundeswehr M41:

Sorry for the repeat pic folks, but I do enjoy making Bw models!


What make of green did you use for the M41? Struggling to see it clearly as I’m reading this outdoors in a tea garden near Lulworth. Lovely sunny day and the occassional tracked vehicle rumbling past for atmosphere!

Tea garden? Tea garden? Clearly retirement is different for your goodself; I’ve just got back from the Gym where I nearly killed myself(!)

The best colour I’ve found to represent the Bundeswehr’s Gelboliv (“Yellow-Olive”) is Tamiya XF-51 Khaki Drab - obviously for those vehicles up until 1984 when the 3 colour scheme started to come in (without teaching you to suck eggs I’m sure, just remember that it takes years for an Army’s vehicle fleet to be completely re-painted).

Revell, not surprisingly given their German predilictions, also do a “Gelboliv” but whilst it’s a match for the real paint, I feel it’s too dark for 1:35, though I have used it until I discovered the Tamiya paint.

All subjective as always with colours, but for me, Tamiya XF-51 is the way to go. That Spaepanzer will look just fine in it I reckon!