AMX-13/M-24 Chaffee

Here is kit I did about 2 years ago. I may have shown it on the old Armorama site, can’t remember. It’s the old Italeri M24 with the Heller AMX-13 turret. I bought it at a local hobby shop for $50 which I thought was way too much for the age of the kits but I was intrigued by the combination lol. I think it was an Italeri box turned inside out with a black and white copy of the picture of the tank on the box top lol. It was built mostly oob except for the Jerry can holders and bow MG barrel I took from an Academy Stuart, and AFV club post war tracks. The kit went together well; the Chaffee still looks good after all these years and the turret too, I always thought the turret had a futuristic look to it . Markings came from Verlinden I think. The figure is from ADV/Azimuth. It might be hard to see in the photos but the turret was painted a different shade of green than the rest of the tank. I got the mix from someone on Armorama, can’t remember exactly what it was but I have it written down somewhere. Tamiya paints used, Vallejo’s for the figure. Comments welcome.


That is a really nice little model - looks just fine to me. Cracking display and outstanding modelling.

Thanks Brian ! Not my best finish but I had fun with this one .

Ditto everything Brian said!
Its defiantly a very interesting looking little model.

Nice and original. Now you just have to build the reverse i.e. the AMX 13 hull with a M24 turret as used by the French army in Algeria.



Thank you Olivier! Yes you are correct. I do have that kit and will be building it as a companion to this one . This was a prototype I believe and was never fielded.

Is this a Best Value models boxing?

The AMX 13 with the M24 turret was fielded during the war in Algeria. This was designed as a solution to the issue with the automatic loading of the antipersonnel rounds. The fuze tended to crash into the breech so the crew had to manually load the HE rounds. In such a cramped turret this was not efficient hence the choice to use a larger turret already in the French arsenal at the time.


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Sorry Olivier, I meant my model I have shown here, the M24 with AMX-13 turret was never fielded correct ?

I have only seen a few pictures of the AMX-13 with M-24 turret, is there a good source of combat photos from Algeria? I also have some nice resin figures from Blast and ADV/Azimut to go with it.

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Very interesting, did not know that btw.

I don’t remember Timothy. It was an old Italeri box turned upside down so the plain cardboard was showing with a xerox copy of one of the few pictures to be taken of this tank. The hobby shop also had an LVT with a turret on it too which looked like an interesting conversion as well. I thought it said Gasoline but can’t remember.

You could very well be right lol

Try this French site

This is the best source I know of.


An interesting hybrid, but was just an experiment or they were converted in a several numbers?

Lucio I think it was just experimental

oh ok, in what period it’s been done? …as experiment i mean

I believe it was from the late 50s maybe. Around the time of the Algerian war

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Thanks Olivier that looks like a great site!

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The Algerian war started Nov. of 1954 and went to 1962.

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