Amx 30 b

Hello, this is my entry for my first participation on this forum !

I want to make the cold war tank I used for 7 years as I was stationned in Germany, not so far from Bitburg and Baulholder air bases …

The kit from MENG is quite good, well detailled and much easier than a Miniart or Bronco one. I also use some after market products.
Traitement de : 20220309_151805.jpg…
Traitement de : 20220309_151930.jpg…

what is done for now, big plastic an resin parts are glued.


Welcome Gil!

That’s looking like it’s going to turn into something really cool. I don’t think I’ve seen another AMX-30 on here.

This is looking very good indeed; I love the stowage, and as I have to re-visit another AMX 30 some time this will be very helpful.

An AMX 30? Well, sorry Don (bit of a thread hijack too) but you might like to see mine - since come to grief having fallen off a shelf:

This was the ancient Heller kit; having plummeted to its doom, the turret shattered; I have since acquired a Heller turret but just haven’t gotten around to building it and repairing the whole. It’s quite old and I can’t quite remember when I built it; a challenge certainly, but I have a soft spot for the venerable Heller kits - they’re often the only game in town.

I’ll certainly be following Gil’s efforts with interest.


Really good job with this Heller !

Love that stowage on there!

Thanks; Heller have an undeserved reputation for being less than good, in my opinion; but as I say, they are often, or were, the only manufacturers of French Army subjects. They were also among the fist to make transparent lights, and vision blocks.

I’ve only built a handful of Heller armor kits, but for the most part I’ve liked them. Taking their era of molds into consideration, they are pretty nice. If I have any gripes about them, it’s going to be the stiffness of tracks, and the brittleness of their styrene. But for many subjects they are the only game in town, so you make the best of them.

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The stowage is from Blast Models, a french manufacturor. It comes with various parts to enhance exaust pipes, smoke launchers, the MG and surch light. Details are really crisps but the resin is sometimes very hard to glue, even with black CA.

The turret and the front are nearly finished.

The 20 mm gun from Aber is really nice !


Looking very nice indeed; I especially like that 20mm.

Fantastic looking build Gil.

it’s going on, the left and the rear sides are nearly finished. I added some wires and tried to enhance the decontamination bottle holder on the right of the jerricans racks.

The tracks are finished too as for the metal parts, but the rubber parts are also individual… and a bit to thick ! That said the Masterclub are really beautifull and very well casted. Only 164 to do…

Also some improvement on the cupola



Looking real good there Gil!

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Those tracks should look awesome when they are all complete.

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Looking lovely, with all the added detail it should look great painted

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I think it’s ready for painting !

Thanks for watching.


Looking very froward to seeing the finished result; excellent work all round.

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A tank that I have always wanted to build but it just never got to the top of the pile. Beautiful job of the build and I agree with Brian that I am looking forward to the finished photos.

Looking good Gil. I have this kit and can’t wait to start it.