And another 1/72 Big Gun turret

“Turrent” … sigh
oh well, at least it doesn’t have muzzle breaks or a copula
:wink: :innocent:


I assume it is prastic… :laughing:

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stlyrene prastic :wink:

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What type of grue should be used ?

I prefer using slovent grue, such as ethly atecate, which doesn’t contain any sloids.
Excellent resluts using crapillaly action

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Velly nice Robin !

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I’d love to see them do a 5”/38 or a twin QF 4.7” mount. Battleship guns are cool but it’s the little guys than won the war.

… in 1/35th …


Gasp! I was just trawling Scalemates looking for that to make sure I wasn’t about to say something silly… onto the wish list that goes then!

When is a model of the rest of the ship coming out?

It’s a part work over 10 years the last installation is 2000 1/35 sailors. :wink:

A 1/72 5”/38 twin mount is also available as a bonus with a destroyer, can’t remember which ship off the top of my head.


I would have liked to have it in 1/72.
Starting point for a 1/72 Fletcher …

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That’s the one Robin.

Would’ve preferred one of the turrets with the quad 40 mount, #'s 2 or 3. Be nice if they release the 40mm as a separate add-on kit.

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A fellow club modeler said the same thing. Given the trend that might be the next boxing.

I did give him the following options if he wanted to do that now but I admit they all might not work, not my thing.

I did get the AK-130 kit but the Mk.38 is the one I am really waiting for to make a MarDet gun.

You guys are too funny. I wonder if you’d talk like that in front of my wife or daughter. You’d more than likely get your ass handed to you by either one of them.

No offense intended - poking fun at the often seen misspelling in instructions and in this case packaging on a grand scale . Apologies all around if I have offended anyone - that was certainly not my intent .

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I would.
I would also applaud your two ladies for handing me my rear end afterwards :innocent:

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It never is, is it? I wonder if some of the many kit producers with whom I’m personally acquainted and meet in person will think so.

At least you had the character to admit your mistake, unlike others apparently.