…..and in with the new”

That’s the thing with evolution, it just keeps happening. With 3D printing and new manufacturers coming along Ive got to ask myself a question; I have several resin truck model conversions, dump, tractor, wrecker etc. The problem being there are now better versions of all these trucks to be had, thinking HL, James Lee’s hood sets here.

Do I sell off the older resin stuff on fleabay and shell out the several hundred $’s for the new stuff, or build the conversions, older “moulds”, much older donor kits - or what?

The $ isnt really an issue as I’m selling off 1/18 cars quite successfully.

What would you do?

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If it’s confirmed the newer 3D kits are actually better. To me, better means more detailed & easier to build. If that’s the case, jettison the ye old resin kits ASAP!

If the new stuff is only more detailed but not easier to build, I’d keep the most interesting 20% of the resin kits as just for fun builds and jettison the rest ASAP.

I kept the old 1990’s 1/35 Tamiya Tiger 1 kits because of “easy to build” despite them being left in the dust by practically all new 1/35 Tiger kits but I got rid of a lot of other old no longer wanted kits.

Best wishes.


Build and compare?
Build for the practice?
Build for the challenge?

I tend to keep the old kits as a challenge


I tend to keep old kits because I’m a hoarder.


Dude, I’ve got Verlinden pieces that are so old they’re starting to disintegrate, maybe I’ll dig one out for a picture, but as usual, I’m digressing.

There was a time for me, in the not so distant past, when I just couldn’t afford those really cool conversion kits that I wanted.

I recently was able to buy a couple as rescues, most notably Hobby Fan junk, and I was really pleased with myself for scoring them.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of diesel resin when a kit’s been sealed in Korean cellophane for 20+ years.

Building them is another thing altogether and they can be a real exercise in frustration or satisfaction, depending on how you look at it.

Ask me about a AVLM MICLIC that I test fitted everything a dozen times but didn’t realize the swing arm and bridge landing platform was completely cockeyed until final assembly and after paint…but this is fun, right?

I really dig the 3D printed kits are they are the poop, no doubt, and I also really believe they are the future of our hobby or obsession, or whatever we’re calling it this week.

Sell your stuff on evilbay, if you can stand to take the time and trouble to do it. I can’t because it’s become a giant pain in the butt these days with all the fees. They’ve got you coming and going over there.

Or sell it on here.

But, either way, I might just be the idiot that bids on/buys your stuff.

Anyhow, it looks like I’ve had way too much coffee this morning, now get back to the workshop. :wink:


Quote Worthy!

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I have been modelling on-and-off my entire life and I’m now retired. I’ve got a huge stash of kits, resin conversions, and a few complete resin kits. Most of these are old. I decided after I retired that I would try to improve my construction and painting skills starting with a lot of the older plastic and resin. This has turned out quite well. I no longer have a fear of resin or photo-etch. My painting skills have definitely improved.

Some of the subjects that I have built are ones that I don’t have a high interest in so I probably will never buy a more modern kit. The old one was good enough for that subject. The bottom line is that I have found a way to keep building and be happy with the results. What I need now is to figure out a way to stop buying . . .


Hi Al, nice hear your views on this. It’s a good post along with other useful opinions. When I first got back into this hobby/lark/ pastime about 20 years ago I had no plan, I just bought modern…ish US stuff. Since retirement I’ve sort of built up an ODS and an OIF collection. Some ill-advised like the Revell Germany HEMTT with the palletised ATGM load and the MENG M911 - which I found to be a strangely depressing build.
Looking at the “doubtful pile” in my stash, I’ve got some resin stuff like the M800 dump and wrecker and that HF HEMTT wrecker that, tbh I’d rather sell than build, even as a challenge or for comparison. HFs M51 dump is a keeper, as is their M923 based Wrecker body, as I believe their resin stuff is……better than some. A few other odds and sods, like that Modelbau……something water tank and pump unit and the ? Verlinden set of 3 collapsible water tanks will make nice loads, (probably need more AFV M54 kits). There’s an M127 trailer that will be built as I’ve got a “shot” ton of tractors to do.

All in all its good to hear other views, so thanks to all for their contributions.

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I pretty much agree with Wade (@Armor_Buff ).

If there’s a better kit (pretty much the same criteria as he mentioned) released of the same subject, then if I’m still interested in building that subject someday, I’ll get the new release and unload the older one. This includes resin kits and (way back when) vacu-formed kits. (Yes, there used to be a lot of vacu-formed armor kits, mostly Schmidt Vacu-Formed. I don’t think that I still have more than a couple of those gathering dust in dark corners of my stash anymore.)

These older kits generally go the way of donations to the local model club(s) as raffle prizes (unless they were particularly expensive or maybe considered “collectible”). I figure I’d be donating some kit or making a cash donation anyways, so that’s usually the fate of these older models. Occasionally, I’ll just give one or two away to some (usually) young beginning model builder in the club just to keep them in plastic and building.

IMO, there are just too many models and subjects to build and my time left on Earth will never let me build ‘em all. I just find less and less interest in trying to turn "pigs’ ears into silk purses."

However, this “culling the herd” effort really only applies to full kits. I do tend to hang onto old AM sets (resin and white metal updates, old PE sets, etc.) since I still find those useful (often if only just partially so).


I’m pushing 60 and I feel that life’s too short to build crappy kits. Dump the old, improvable kits and buy the brand-spanky-new ones with all the bells and whistles. That’s what I’m doing. I figure if I’ve got 20 or 30 years left, I’m going to be building great kits the whole time.


Staff, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. I’m ten years older than you and your sentiments re “ life’s too short” speak to me.

On to HobbyLink and James’s hood sets, a/m wheels and add on PE!

(After my next scheduled build of an Academy FIST-V with AFV Club tracks)


Old kits do present neat challenges, and can prove to take a while, even if it is a tiny box with 20 or so pieces. The instructions can be a nightmare though, but that is part of the challenge, after all.

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