And now for something completely different, or what I've been doing instead of model building

I remember Auto World - their mailer was yellow newsprint and the frontman’s name was Oscar IIRC . I remember when AMT came out with their first semi - Pete 359 and I bought it from Auto world .

Some interesting stuff!

Besides from the modelling I like mucking around with old computers and consoles. Typically anything from the 80’s era of home micro computers. Some of which were mine originally, others acquired since. Mostly interested in Atari, Sega and the Commodore Amiga series. There’s a few others in the mix. A Spectrum 128k I can’t get working and a PS1 and 2 I’m having a lot of fun with currently.
Despite their age, there are still plenty of options for upgrades and extras being produced. Almost all of it by hobbyists like ourselves, who design and build boards to keep the old systems alive and kicking.


Ok cool. I’ll take some pictures this weekend.

However it sounds like you were building your own receivers but I just buy mine from thrift stores and swap meets and if they aren’t working then I’ll restore them. Post some pictures of your builds as well. I’d dig checkin those out.

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My other hobbies are exact opposite of model building, fly fishing, kayak fishing and hunting, in no particular order. Just got my tags renewal email so torn between a hobby order or getting my fishing, small game, turkey tags, deer tags and elk tag. Living in Montana building falls into that winter break between seasons for my heavier bench time stretches then it bounces around vs the time of the year. The worst stretch is a month away, avid turkey hunter and after a few weeks of work then days off, I’m out of the house by 4:30am to hunt, my wife says I’m unbearable from lack of sleep but honestly I think I’m fine!

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Some cool ‘alternate’ hobbies here.
When I hit a wall in modeling a few years ago I got involved in another interest…
Building ‘Telecaster’ style guitars. You think models take up a lot of space?? Finally came to my senses and got back to models. I still have a couple electric guitars but have gravitated mostly to acoustic where my guitar playing is concerned.



My other hobbies really only are golfing, fishing, hunting and going out to the shooting range to fire vintage guns.


I don’t know how well the guitars you made sounded but they do look well made. :+1:

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I used to draw and paint a bit


Like I said, the engine certainly is up to your usual super high standards.

If anyone can figure out how to post a vid here, it’s gotta be you. Why not just post the link to the video instead?


I first have to learn how to post the video on YouTube ! I’m still a cave man in some ways …LOL

That’s awesome work ie Knife making! I’m a Creative Director for a design agency and one of my clients is Gerber Knives. Love your shift to trying out something different. Having side hobby’s is crucial.

Unfortunately, mine is a dangerous one. Motocross. 26 broken bones, 2 knee surgeries and a Ti rod/8 screws in my femur are the result. I was ready to turn Pro until my femur injury and gave up, going to Art School instead. Still ride to this day though, for fun. Some pics from the peak of my career…LOL.


How could you have possibly broken any bones doing that? :flushed:

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Agreed! Better off doing something safer… like bull riding.


Hi all

My “other hobby” seems pretty tame after the latest posts! :worried:, but I seriously should talk to Charles about his custom-built Teles! They look awesome! :beer: Postie called today with a couple of new toys that should give the game away for anyone guessing what I turn to as a distraction from the workbench:

All the best

Rowan :beer:


Ah the guitar!

The knives look fantastic!

My other hobby…

Arctic White (was my daily driver, restored, 400,000 + miles) & Black Echo
img_20180219_1807346_3782bf24d90ac64b241d4ac1b424464a2bd246f1 (1)

My dad’s 72 Vette

New engine I had built for the vetted

99 Trans Am img_20180722_1430042_95768133a45c1604f2ab382f5c34617f4b197cdc (1) img_20180722_1430150_ba3d5c87b57deb355b37f73b6d08ccb9c6e14c57 (1)

Current project car…quarter million mile 02 Z28
img_20190503_2039455_1bdd4a279f487f168a3c51004807f39ef8b45c31_b10b272350e389faa7569e2017d0d0fb0f5e8a9c img_20180803_1650132_c055652b149ab789893c75cf527e3efa4b29c2a9

Mostly blame the 99 Trans Am for drifting away from plastic model hobby back in ~1999 :slight_smile:


Well it seems we have something else in common Rowan . I have picked up my guitar again after a near 30 year layoff . I’ve been back at it for about a year now - the CoVid sequester has been beneficial for this sort of thing but it is a long road back when one is closer to the age of seventy than sixty.
A lot has changed in that time for me and it is all good - electronic tuners , Kyser capos ( as you know obviously !) Excellent free instruction on the internet and my Guild D 35 has aged wonderfully.
I bought it new in 1972 so nearly 50 years old soon .
It just rings like a bell now . Thanks for sharing - what a wonderful site this is for people to discover each other more deeply.
Cheers- Richard


@RDT1953 , that is a beautiful guitar Richard, and at 50 years old it will have aged and mellowed beautifully! I have a Maton CW80 that would be about 40 years old I think, and it is just a joy to play.
I also have a Sakura Dobro, a Yamaha 12-string, a late 60’s Gibson SG, a Fender Lone Star Stratocaster and a Hondo bass. Guitar playing is definitely very high on my “instead of model building” list!

Cheers, D

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Hi Richard

Wow! That Guild is a beauty! :beer:

I’ve been part-furloughed from my job at Oxfam since New Year and have also tried to turn the Covid situation to my advantage, filling in some of the gaping holes in my music theory that I somehow glossed over when I was trying to “make it” back in the day. :roll_eyes:

I’m looking at the calendar here in the UK and the “road-map” out of lockdown to see when I can get together with the band I rashly joined last year! After more years than I care to remember of friends telling me I should get out and gig again - and age creeping up on me - it definitely feels like it’s now or never. “Use it or lose it” as my Mum used to say. :wink:

In the meantime, I’ve got the itch to completely rearrange my practice/recording set-up before I have to go back to work next month, so I might take a few days away from the workbench this week to shift everything from one room to another. :slight_smile:

All the best

Rowan :beer:

Joel, These are a few of the AM/FM receivers. More in storage in the garage.