Another mig ammo paint question - shine

OK a general question about the finish of Mig Ammo paints. I just painted my 88mm with Mig Ammo A Mig - 0008. Dunkelgrau. It has too much shine for my liking. Yes it went on well. The finish is excellent. But should it have a shine to it or is there a secret to getting a more flat finish?

Yes weathering etc etc will fix it but!!


I can’t speak for Mig Ammo paint but all paints I’ve ever had the shiny problem with was due to lack of a thorough mixing.

Nah I mixed well and good. I sprayed on a 90 degree day with 95% humidity. Plus I may have over thinned a tad. But most the time I find my results over glossy. Maybe I should be giving a coat of Matt clear. But I shouldn’t have to.

I don’t know if that is intentional or not as MIG and AK often do a “paint layering” approach where several coats and colors are applied from their line of paints.

I know both MIG and AK sell Filters and washes to tone down and change the shininess of their base coats, and Filters and washes do dry matte flat, so perhaps that is what is required and isn’t an issue to MIG and AK that the paint ends up semigloss.