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I would ask @Robin_Nilsson what can be done.

Done about what? @Yeahwiggie

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As you can see, no pencil.

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That’s what can be done. :rofl:

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Yellowing Decals? Put them in the sun for a few days.

@Johnnych01 i remember looking at this kit waayyyyy back when i was a kid in the toy section of my local dept store in Wolverhampton and thinking how expensive it was at over 10 pounds. if only we knew


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Oh yes, I signed up for this one with an ancient relic on 2 counts. It’s a kit from the 80’s, Tamiya’s M41 Walker Bulldog, and I haven’t touched it since 2003.

Love the ribbon, hope I can earn one and a place to display it. :wave:

Thank you!

Looks pretty much acceptable to me.
Do it!

I update the original post, so it now contains the updated rules for the groupbuild.

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Hmm. Back to the drawing board for my choice…The AFV Club tracks I have for the Schutzenpanzer Marder are less than 20 years old, as are the resin wheels for the Chevy 30 cwt… damn rules. :grin:

Thinking of going way off my normal scale and maybe go Matchbox… the ‘Monty’s Caravan’ set or the M3 Stuart Honey… if my eyes hold up at 1/76th scale…

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That sounds like good compromise Peter, it would be good seeing some of those kits get into the light again … I remember well the fun and anticipation when I was alot lot younger getting the next matchbox kit on my list, and getting it all sorted and on the little base … and painting everything in one colour green as I didnt know better lol

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@Yeahwiggie Ron this kit appears to fit within the scope of the rules, if so you can add me to the list of entries for this group build.


@Johnnych01 Yes I used to love ticking the kits off my list too - armour and aircraft. Amazing how the two tone or three tone sprues made the ‘Wow Factor’ when I first saw them, but I painted over the plastic anyway… vagaries of youth…

I gave my son several of the stash to build, which he did, but I still have a few. I want to build these but give them some tweaks to make them more up to date, like I did with the M16 a few years back.

I’m thinking that I will add the interior to Monty’s Caravan for this one…


They are nice little kits, you did the M16 proud and took it up a few levels Peter. A few little adjustments can make all the difference.

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Looking very interesting so far - a lot of old school stuff to see getting build :+1:t2:

I am a sucker for old stuff, so probably going for some old ESCI or Matchbox stuff.

Looking forward to get started. :wink:

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My entry will be Trophy Models BRDM - 1 with AT-3 Sagger.
This is a complete resin kit with some PE. No decals included and a single A4 sheet as instructions.



My God, that’s just a big block o’ resin, ain’t it?

Yep. First step will be to hollow that hull to gain one or two pounds. :grin:

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