Antique Antics

So… since the old side is going to be a museum relic, it seems that we have to start over here.
No more ribbons, no more galleries and no more participation lists.
We are still a go!!

The Antique Antics!
Operational Overview
Primary objective: We are to build an old(er) kit; pre-2000 vintage. This date is for the original release. Re-boxes only are allowed as well. No new tool or added parts.
Focus is on vehicles, but accompanying figures are of course welcome.
You can use whatever aftermarket, resin or photo-etch you want to bring the kit’s level up, but these too have to be pre-2000.
Secondary objective: Use a kit from your stash!
Tertiary objective: Use a kit you have built before, many years ago. Let the nostalgia flow!

The Rules and Regulations:
At least 5 pictures are required; 1 start, 2 in progress and 2 of the finished build in the gallery.
No head starts. If it is a shelfqueen, exceptions may be made, though! Just let us know what you have.
No extensions.
campaign ribbon AA2020 large
Starting December 1st 2020 and running to June 30th 2021.

My entry:


Well done for sorting this new thread out @Yeahwiggie
I had a quick and check over my entry for this build.

All in the original bags still… I don’t think the decal sheet has survived very well… It looks really discoloured. Checked a spru through the bag… It has 1972 on it…that’s old but it actually looks pretty crisp and detailed considering.
Be good to see what others are going to be doing.


If still allowed I have the Revell/Italeri M-47 that I have started and Vettejack on the old site hooked me up with missing and broken parts. I am planning on making a Spanish M-47 used for movie Battle of Bulge. Probably not Robert Shaw’s tank but one of the lesser known vehicles, 113 or 413.

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Just go for it.
It doesn’t matter in regards to ribbons or anything.

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I’m still in…

Either the Tamiya MM198 ‘Schutzenpanzer Marder’ (original 1977 release version) or MM192 ‘British L.R.D.G Command Car 30 cwt Truck’ (Original 1976 release version) at this stage…

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Since the new set up makes posting pics so much easier I think I’m in for this. At least half of my stash is suitable, so now I just need to pick one.

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Perfect time to start the most ancient kit in my stash that’s collected dust for 32+ years.


Ok, decision made, heres mine.
Gonna be pretty much out of the box, with some work on the sponsons with some white stuff.


Interesting choice!
I have been looking at this kit for a while now, simply because it is such an oddball.


You can expose them to the direct sunlight to get the original colors back. And if the decals are themselves too fragile just apply a coat of decal film.

There are some really old kits there. I remember the original Italaeri brand logo and name. Some boxes had photos of models built by Verlinden as box art.



Thanks @Bison126, I never knew that, will give it go once I get to that stage. :+1:

What are the guidelines for a group build? This all new to me.

My rough build plan includes replacing a lot of parts with items from the spares box. Like wheels, tools, tracks etc

Is that OK or a violation of the antique spirit of the build?

The rules are here:

The intent is to build vintage kits and only vintage aftermarket if it is within the timeframe.



Thank you. Sounds like the following is OK for the Italeri Pz IV F1/F2/G.

  • Vintage fret of 1990 On the Mark photo-etch would be OK.

  • Spare wheels & from a 1996 Tamiya Pz IV would be OK.

  • The Tamiya Pz IV tool set from 1997 OK

  • Vintage 80’s Model Kasten tracks OK.

  • Armor Research Company Pz IV B/C turret from mid 80’s OK

How do I edit my post to include the “rules”… or more guidelines in this fashion?

I think so but Yeahwiggle has the final say so.

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There should be a pencil next to the bottom of the thread, right of where a like heart would be.


That’s a go for as far as I am concerned!

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Not in the OP weirdly enough.
No pencil.

Paste a link to the old site page with the rules and regs in … If not give me a shout or someone will do it Ron