Anybody ever order from Plaza Japan?

Anybody ever order from Plaza Japan? What are your sentiments?
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Order a couple of times a year. Usually when they have a sale on and I can get Hasegawa and Fujimi a heck of a lot cheaper than I can here.
Always a first rate service.
Everything has arrived quickly and packed well. Usually get a little freebie included. Last package had a Japanese truck shaped pencil eraser!

Customer service is good too. I had one package go missing and they gave me store credit I used against a Hasegawa 1/48 Val dive bomber.

So yes, I’d recommend them.

I’ll second phantom_phanatic. I’ve ordered from them 4 or 5 times and have had good service. Well packaged, quick service and decent postage rates. Recommended.

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I was just asking because I wanted to order one item which cost around USD 10. Shipping was quite high for one item so I ordered 2 more to lessen the shipping per item even though I really didn’t need the other two. Delivery time wasn’t bad, but when it arrived in-country, a delivery service took delivery and charged a further $30. If it’s going to be like that, that will be my first and last order to PJ! :pouting_cat:
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I got a little freebie too! Couldn’t figure out what it was so I tossed it!

Sorry to hear that Biggles. I’ve never had an extra charge for Plaza Japan orders and yes there’s usually a strange little something in the package.

Ha! I read too fast and thought it strange that you were asking if anyone had ordered pizza from Japan.

It’s a new “fusion” craze…sushi pizza! (Suzza, or Pishi)! :exploding_head: :scream: :rofl:
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I’ve just placed another order with them.
Couple of Hasegawa weapon sets for a little over £3 a box (I need some early Sidewinders and Sparrows for some Vietnam projects) and a 1/72 Arii Nakajima Rufe. It’s an oldie, but looked really cool, so thought why not give it a go.

Should be with me in a week or two.

I’ve ordered from them too. No issues at all and didn’t have to pay any extra fees except the standard shipping.I’ve also ordered from HLJ and they’re good, too.

I haven’t ordered from Plaza Japan but have a friend who did. He’d normally order three or four kits to help offset shipping costs. A couple for himself and a couple for other club members. This was pre-Covid and it always worked out well.