Anyone wants to guess what I am working on? Too obvious for Patton fans?

Anyone wants to guess what I am working on in CAD for 3D printing?
May be too obvious.

If you can empathize what a pain it is to drill those “mud holes” on Academy, Dragon, or Tamiya kits, you know exactly what that is. :smiley:

Self draining flower pots ? :grin:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

Dont’ forget: It comes WITH a decorative edge :laughing:


Yes, I want/need some. :+1:

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You all are incorrect. Please try again. :smiley:


It’s got to be an M247 :smile:

We know what they are, but for which hull?

Say the answer if you know. :smiley: As mentioned above, I’ll try to make it fit all Academy, Tamiya (these two are identical anyway), ESCI/Italeri, and Dragon offerings - some minor adjustment for hole fits, etc. may be necessary using your modeling skills. The CAD’s basic dimensions are based off of the Dragon’s but I’m improving certain things based on reference photos.

A horrible vehicle and a horrible Tamiya attempt. :smiley:

M48 and/or M60.

Partial credit only for you, Ryan. Like your teacher might have said: you gotta be more specific than that. :wink:

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I got by on partial credit. :joy: Got to play the margins. I will go with M48.

Dang it…M60. :disappointed:

LOL! Still partial credit, Ryan. The specific answer I was looking for was: M48/60 drive wheel sprocket.

I’m trying to design it to fit AFV Club tracks, which should work with Dragon’s and Takom’s, too.

Btw, this 3D print AM part is for those of us who are too lazy (or too busy) to make the holes or those who are itching to replace the inaccurate parts. :wink:

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That would be good. I have two Tamiya M48A3 that have AFV tracks for.

Wouldn’t it be easier to add the sprocket hubs and make a single type of sprocket?

Tamiya and Academy hubs are not that good to start with.

Can you please elaborate? Not sure if I fully understand your question.
If I am reading it correctly - for doing this in CAD software, I am not sure if it makes any difference:
Make the body → put the holes → make and combine the sprocket hubs and the rest vs. make the sprocket hubs → make the body → make the holes and then combine the two parts.
I agree that Tamiya, Academy, and ESCI/Italeri sprockets are all inaccurately shaped to start with.
The most tricky part is making the sprocket hubs with the correct spacing, which is going to require some math: algebra and geometry. :smiley: I’m putting that off until later.

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James, I think he meant designing one generic sprocket, then having a range of separate adaptor inserts that can be added to the back to fit the different final-drive mounting pegs used by Academy, Tamiya, Revell, Dragon etc. And maybe even adding new final-drives for some to replace the kit parts, as the Tamiya/Academy ones in particular are poor representations…

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Nah, you’re asking for too much work from me to justify a couple of sales here and there. :smiley:
I could make one separate generic sprocket and half of the wheel body to replace various kits offered.
You’ll need to use your modeling skills to do the rest.

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Final drive replacements would make it even easier (not for the designer though). That is a good idea.