Arcus Enamels - Thinning?

Has anyone had any experience of Arcus enamel paints?

I have used them before, fantastic colour palette, but for some reason this time, i’m having trouble finding the right paint/thinner mix for my Iwata HP-CS.

The paint set (in question) only includes 10 ml bottles, so there isn’t much margin for error if you get it wrong. I’ve used nearly a third of a bottle so far on the undercarriage doors and engine cowls of a 1/48 Uhu alone - that can’t be right.

Either the paint is too viscous to exit the 0.35mm nozzle, or I thin it and it all disappears in just a few sprays.

Do i need anything other than a run of the mill Tamiya X-20 enamel thinner? What ratio am I looking at?

More info would help.

paint/thinner ratio.

air pressure.


can you spray straight thinner well with that AB?

have you tried any other brand of thinner

I just picked up a couple of sets but hadn’t gotten around to using them, just a test painting by hand and they seem thin.