Are you sticking to the Armorama forum solely or are you venturing out to the main forum page?

I need to see how many of you are staying closeted in this (Armorama-only) forum vs. those that are getting outside. Standard Covid-era stuff. :wink:

Are you visiting the homepage of the forum?
  • No, not at all
  • Not very often
  • Yes, Regularly

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Still trying to get used to the new site (which I’m really enjoying BTW) and I seem to forget to venture out of the forums. I’m sure it will become more habitual soon and I’ll be able to check off “Yes, Regularly” on the next poll.

If I am honest, I am sticking to this main KM homepage and jumping in and out of forums - 95% Armorama. I do look in the main Armorama site as flying visits but again, if I am honest, I am not totally sure how that works with posting pictures or build reviews etc ?
And I have to once again repeat that I loving this new site/format and how it works. I think it a quantum leap forward.

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Yep, I go to the other sites on a regular basis just to see what is what on each. :face_with_monocle:

I stopped clicking any links to the other pages as I keep getting asked to turn off my adblock and I simply will not do so.

Still trying to figure out how this whole thing works.


Only here-post…

I’m all over the place, the site is awesome! Thank’s admins!:beer: I even follow topics out of my build range — the reason I don’t get anything done! — gotta’ get to the spray booth now! See ya! :dash:

I take cyber security very seriously. As part of my defensive measures, I use a strong adblocker and keep the screws on it very tight. I do this as third party ads are a cyber security threat - they include web beacons, trackers, and in some cases malware. The Armorama site looks good; but, when it stops me until I disable the ad blocker, I leave.


I do have trouble finding the old kit reviews, any way to move those over, I found them very helpful. The only way I am able to get to them is through a link someone posted and I don’t recall where i saw it. If those could be blended in with the reviews on the main page that would be helpful at least to me.

99% this forum only

I follow this forum, the general discussion and the uncategorized section.

Once I get the old sites fully archived I can setup a specialized Google search form to find content on either the new or old sites. The search on the new site (that’s built into the code) is awful. As most search engines are. The forum has a decent enough search but 100s of developers have worked on this codebase so that is why.

Anyway yes we will have a system to find older reviews and other content soon. Until then remember the old sites are still located at their * domains. So, etc. The search bar on those sites still works of course.



jim-thanks for the reply and explanation. I certainly enjoy everything here and appreciate all of the staffs work to keep this rolling and providing a beautiful forum. Hope you didn’t take that as nitpicky or criticism, one stop shopping is always the sweetest!

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I stick to the Armorama site mostly but I am looking into the other sides. I didn’t like it at first (I’m not big on change. Definitely an old fart) but I like it a lot now. So much easier to post pics! Looking forward to seeing what else is out there.

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I keep two tabs open, one for each

I made this video today to let people know about the bell option for categories.


I’m here and check out the home pages of the various KMN realms. All over the place. I like the new network.

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That was helpful. I wasn’t aware of half that stuff. I aint muting nothing tho! Diggin this whole new KMn way too much!


Movement about the web site is nowhere near as easy as it used to be. I no longer check out other sections just for the hell of it like I used to. Heck, I barely read anything on Armorama itself anymore.

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