Assemble in 150 (?) hours! SU-85 mod. 1943 early production. MiniArt 35178

Hi everyone!
Decided to participate in the campaign and assemble this wonderful model. And also show the whole process in the photo. Along the way, I will look for answers to the eternal questions for me of speed and quality.

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Excellent. I built the version of this that doesn’t have an interior. Every step I thought was a little hair raising saying “This is never going to work!” But it was quite precise and all fit together perfectly. Only one word of caution - I found the wheels a little wonky (hard to get lined up nicely).
I look forward to seeing how you progress.

Thanks for the warning!
I will try to assemble all nodes and components as evenly as possible so as not to disturb the overall geometry.

I purchased the kit as well and look forward to following your build. As mentioned above the suspension alignment for wheels looks very delicate. Wish you the very best!

I think build estimate of ~150 hours sounds pretty reasonable.

Build the hull tub before you assemble the running gear. It will make the alignment of the suspension much easier. Good Luck.

Thank you!
I will try to build this model as accurately as possible.
And I will try to keep it within 150 hours.

Thank you!
I will do so. First I will assemble the top and bottom of the body together. And only then I will install balancers.

This is an interesting challenge. It is similar to the challenges of assembling and painting a model within a weekend or something, but different enough to stand out. I hope that this project goes well!

You are reading my mind :blush:
Discipline + methodical work = a completed project with a worthy result!
I will try to make every effort to meet the deadline and give at least a normal result.

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I’m essentially doing your challenge (running since last October) with my Sdkfz. 251/8, but only because of procrastination.

Yes, only systematic work leads to the finished result.
I myself decided that I need to do the work every day. At least one hour. That’s the only way I can start and finish.

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So let’s go!
Day One Hour One.
In my own tradition, I started with the “difficult” elements - the fuel tanks. I just managed to glue the halves together. Well, and, to separate several body parts from the sprues :smile:
Tomorrow I will have to process the fuel tanks and prepare them for filling the gaps.


Good luck! :+1: :v:

Thank you! :saluting_face:

I feel like you’re spending more time on these photos than on the actual build, lol. I love them, though!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Exactly!
All this takes more time than the assembly! :smiley:

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The photo time doesn’t count against the 150 hours!

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No, it doesn’t count :laughing: It seems to me that there will be another three hundred hours :joy: :joy:

Did you at least make a template to streamline the process for these photos?

Yes, there is an approximate template and procedure for actions. Such as to spend as little time as possible on shooting, processing, uploading, etc.

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