AT-ST scout 1/48

This is 3D printed AT-ST scout walker on my Mars 3 printer, very nice model, I put a 1/48 US pilot for comparison. I will paint it soon, thinking for a small diorama :slight_smile:



that’s a damn fine 3D print, where did you get the files from?

Here: AT-ST Scout Walker by MaakMijnIdee - Thingiverse

Very interesting, how are you going to paint it, cannon colors or a what if camo scheme?

Hi, I was thinking for a desert scheme or winter camo, with snow, ice etc. Probably something different from the movie :slight_smile:


I like that idea. We have a campaign going for non cannon color Star Wars vehicles this would work for if your interested. There is a link to Britmodeler tread with lots of what if schemes added to the AT-ST.

Look forward to seeing the finished product.

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I second what Ryan said … a desert scheme would be great.

Here’s how mine turned out with a winter type cam.



Our group build runs till July this year, so it would be great for you to join in Venelin.


@Venko thanks for the link i usually use Gambody

Ooo nice, I missed this campaign, will take a look, cheers!

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