AutoModeler Group Build Discussion Thread

Ok folks, there have been some major changes to the Group Build structure recently which I think will make things much better as we all get used to them.
All Kitmaker Group Builds and Campaigns are now located under a parent forum HERE:
Latest Campaigns / Group Builds topics - KitMaker Network

Within this forum, each Group Build is now actually a parent topic in itself, which will allow us to create our own individual build log threads if we wish. Of course, we still have the option of only posting within the main Group Build (as I will be doing with my current Ferrari build for HOTB).

This change will also bring us closer to being able to create and award “badges” as we did on the old forums, but I believe that under the current system this will be a “one-and-done” opportunity so everybody will need to be completed by the award due date.

Over the next couple of days I am hoping to create the “Union Jack and Tricolore” Group Build so we can get the discussions rolling, and I will post a link to it here once it is done.

Cheers, D

all the active campaigns & GBs are listed in two places as it was in the past. But what I can’t find is how to start my own build blog in the GB as only the same Reply tab is on the bottom. so how do I go about creating one?


Hi Joel.

If you follow the link in my post above to the Group Builds forum, then instead of going to the BLUE Group Build thread, click on the white Heart of the Beast header.

This will take you into the next stage where you can create a New Topic within the HOTB parent forum. You dedicated build log thread will then appear below the main thread in the blue index section.

I hope this makes sense.

As I said above, I will make some time to create a forum and thread for the Union Jack and Tricolore and then create a dedicated thread for my build to make sure I understand the process more fully.

Cheers, D

Thanks D, Once I’m up and ready to start I’ll know where to post


I followed your instructions to the letter, and indeed I was able to create my build thread which now appears directly under the campaign, not in it, which is perfect as nothing will get lost. No matter how many threads are created, everyone will be super easy to follow, as well as clicking on the GB and following along as usual.

There are two pluses to this method for me. There’s no reason to now start a separate thread in the main car section unless we want to try and increase site hits as much as possible, and there’s no reason to now do a duplicate post in the campaign.

As for the ribbons, I honestly can’t wait.


Hi team AutoModeler.

Joel and I have been having some discussions offline regarding the drop in participation in the Group Builds that are under way at the moment. Is there any particular reason that anybody can put forward, or is it just the state of the world we are in right now?
My initial thoughts were that the relocation of the Group Builds to a separate parent forum might have made navigation more difficult, but once you have found the thread and participated, it will pop up in your “Unread” list every time there is a new post.

Anyway, we would be very keen to understand why the numbers have dropped so significantly this year.

On that note, I have created a thread in the Group Build Staging Area for the next Auto Group Build:

Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore - Oct '21 to March '22 - Campaigns / Group Builds / Staging Area - KitMaker Network

I hope everybody will jump in and take a look and get the ball rolling with some thoughts, references and proposed builds.

Please stay safe and well.

Cheers, D

Hi Damian,
I think creating a separate forum for Group builds was a bad idea. It does depend on how you use this site. I have a link that takes me to the Automodeler forum, from there I sometimes look at a couple of the other forums and the Campaigns is one that doesn’t spring to mind even though I am involved in both Auto Group builds! but that is because I post infrequently. BTW I didn’t even know I had an Unread list.


@cosimodo, I like the structure of the Group Builds forum, but if it results in lower participation it defeats the purpose. It seems to be working well for the other forums where the daily user numbers and Group Build participation rates are higher, so I think we just need to persist and adapt and work out how to get our AutoModeler crew to jump across.

If you click on the 3 horizontal bars in the top RH corner you get a drop-down box which gives you updates on various selections. The “Unread” selection takes you to a list of threads which you have previously contributed to where there has been other posts since your last visit.

As you said, it depends on how frequently and how widely you use the site as to how familiar you become with the new features.

Cheers, D


I think that the drop in participation has to do with the structure of the Form itself. I have a feeling that many members liked the old forum, and are either not comfortable navigating the new forum, or just plain don’t like it. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan myself, but I’m learning to navigate around.

Another thing is in the old Forum, members who successfully completed a Group Build or Campaign received a ribbon to display in their profile. This new forum doesn’t seem to have that feature.


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As Damian said in his post, we’ve had several discussions about both the overall lack of posts from members, as well as the why we have such a small number of signees for the current GB at just 9, and only 4 have posted any progress on their builds. This is just a small percentage of what the last GB on the old forum had, and less then the last one which was the 1st one on the new site.

Like most of you, I also feel that not having the GBs located within our own community forum certainly hasn’t helped, and as been pointed out several times, this site is much more complex to navigate then our old site. With time and a little more effort (including me for that matter) hopefully will help.

I also feel strongly that not having ribbons for completed GBs is hurting the participation. I do know that Jim is working on a way to have a badge instead of a ribbon. Past that I’m just not sure if it will have the name of the GB, etc.

Please continue to posts your thoughts, ideas, and concerns as they can only help us get back to the levels we were previously at.


A badge or something on one’s profile just to show participation in a Group Build would be nice. Maybe there is a way to make the badges unique? I don’t know. Right now they just seem to be all the same “golden asterisk”. I have a feeling that Jim has more important things on his plate that making the badges unique.


Not sure if the badges can be changed for each build, or just one badge and change the number of GBs as needed. I’d settle for that.

If our small group members seem to have the same few issues, then the larger forums have the same issues but the numbers wouldn’t be as pronounced as they are here.

Personally, if we can’t get even a dozen members signed up and a min of half of them actually building, I honestly think that maybe we should skip one cycle and see what happens.


I have to agree about the separate area for GBs. I lost all track of both Heart and Commercial and had to go looking for them to even see what others were doing. I’ve been busy with both travel and the knife hobby lately, but will be back to building soon (around the end of June/early July).

I visit every day, but haven’t really had time to post.

Glad to see that you’re still with us and will be building/posting soon.


Well team we have just passed the 3 month half-way point for the HOTB Group Build, and I must say it’s a bit disappointing to see how quiet it is in here! We have 2 completed builds, 2 in-progress builds, and 5 interested parties yet to start, I know the move to the new site has thrown a few people off, and then separating the Group Builds from the parent forum has made it a bit harder to navigate, but we have seriously dropped away from the number we were seeing over the last couple of years on the old forums.

We are open to suggestions, what can we do to ramp up the participation again? I don’t want to pull the pin on the Group Build program, I intend to push through and keep it rolling, and maybe post more frequent updates back here in the main AutoModeler forum.

Anyway, Roll Call and Running Build Updates below:
AussieReg (Damian) - Ferrari 250 GT California - Revell kit in 1/24 - COMPLETED
Joel_W (Joel) - 2020 Ford Mustang GT4 - Tamiya kit in 1/24 with IndyCal decals - COMPLETED

Cosimodo (Michael) - Ferrari F1 (Monza 1967 Chris Amon) - MFH kit in 1/12 - Engine painted, assembled and detailed. Basic chassis (cockpit engine and exhausts) assembled. Body primed and painted
Rick1956 (Rick) - Porsche 904 - Monogram kit in 1/25 - Engine modifications, assembly started

Tinbanger (Richard) - Jaguar E-Type - Airfix kit in 1/32
Betheyn (Andy) - Porsche 917K - Fujimi kit in 1/24
Littorio (Luciano) - Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1300 - Italeri kit in 1/24
Forest1000 (David) - Porsche 911 GT3 - Tamiya kit in 1/24
md72 (Mark) - Dodge Challenger (2009) - Revell kit in 1/25

Get on over and check it out, support the builds or get your own build moving! Here’s a link, no more excuses!
Heart of the Beast AutoModeler Group Build - Campaigns / Group Builds / Heart of the Beast - KitMaker Network

Cheers, D

Likewise, believe it or not, we have hit the 6 month half-way point of our inaugural Commercial Trucking Group Build! Where has the time gone?

betheyn (Andy) - German Traffic Tractor D8532 - MiniArt 1/35 kit

AussieReg (Damian) - Australian Western Star - Italeri 1/24 kit - Rolling chassis assembled ready for weathering, cabin components in primer
AussieReg (Damian) - 48’ Reefer Trailer - Italeri 1/24 kit - Painted and glossed, ready for decals and weathering then final details
jimb (Jim) - Chevy Bison (Rigid Stakebed Conversion) - AMT 1/25 kit - Chassis, engine and cab assembled, tray body in progress
tinbanger (Richard) - Construction Bulldozer Caterpillar D8H - AMT 1/25 kit (Side Loader Pipe Boom conversion) - Sub assemblies under way, chrome stripped, AM goodies added to the bench
cosimodo (Michael) - Bedford Mk4 - Resin/White Metal/PE kit - Sub assemblies started, primer and paint
Dixon66 (David) - Ford F-350 (Dually conversion) - Meng kit in 1/24 - Sub assemblies under way, body in primer
accessdenied (Roger) - 1923 Soviet Tractor - scratchbuild 1/24 scale - construction of sub assemblies under way

Stickframe (Nick) - Peterbilt 378 (6x6 conversion)
ahandykindaguy (Dave)
165thspc (Michael)
Tank_1812 (Ryan) - Volvo VN 780
rv1963 (Robert)
GaryKato (Gary)
harv (Randy) - 1926 Mack Bulldog Tank Truck
The_Snowman (Gavin)
noddy927 (Peter)
Szmann (Gabriel)
GrubbyFingers (Graeme) - Volvo F12
2CAVTrooper (Jeff) - Peterbilt (day cab conversion)
kosprueone - (KSO) - Peterbilt (day cab conversion) with auto transporter - Revell kits in 1/25 plus AM wheel sets
Littorio (Luciano) - IVECO Hi-Way E5 Arbath) - Italeri kit in 1/24 scale

I hope everybody will jump across and check out the work going on.
Commercial Trucking 2021 (Jan-Dec) - Campaigns / Group Builds / Commercial Trucking 2021 - KitMaker Network

Cheers, D

And while I’m at it, don’t forget that the next Group Build lined up starts on October 1. That’s only 3 months away!

Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore - Oct '21 to March '22 - Campaigns / Group Builds / Staging Area - KitMaker Network

Cheers, D

I to have been very disappointed in the lack of participation in the last few GBs, as well as the overall lack of activity in the various AutoModeler forums since the move to the new site.

Honestly, the new site is just way to complicated and departmentalized for what a modeling site should be. Like many others here, I’m active on a few other modeling sites, and none are anything like what we now have here.

As you said, just the fact that the GBs are now located not in the AutoModeler site, but lumped together with every other Campaign and GB some place else on the site just makes it all that harder for members not in the GB to check it out periodically, most seem to have not bothered. I’ve even cross posted by GB builds to the Car forum to share my work with others who are interested in seeing our builds.

We put in a lot of effort to build up the AutoModeler forum before the move, now a year later, it has once again become what it once was.

Several members that I’m friends with checked out the new site, didn’t much care for what they saw and the effort needed to learn how to navigate the full site. Some just left, others rarely visit, and those that do, few post their work here as they once did.

What’s really needed is the exact opposite of what we now have here: several slow sites. What we should have is just one Auto/bike/truck forum so that everyone who does post or visit, has the opportunity to easily checkout other builds and posts, rather then what we now have to go through to visit from cars to trucks, to bikes, etc. Many including myself hardly visit all of them on a regular basis.

And as I said, we need to have the GM site moved back to AutoModeler.

The time to divide by build type is when it’s to busy to navigate efficiently, not when it’s so slow it hardly pays to check out the site more then once or twice per week.


Is there any reason why a group build has to be hosted on the Campaigns/Group builds site? It seems to me that this is the biggest contributor to lack of both participation and comment on the two current campaigns. Unlike Joel, I am somewhat lazy about having to post twice - once on AutoModeler and then on Campaigns so I have just updated the group build for my current build. I had planned anyway for the next group build (Union Jack etc) that I would not bother with it and just post the build for it here.


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Actually, there isn’t. The thread just has to be set up like this discussion thread.