AutoModeler Group Build Discussion Thread

Carrying on where we left off on the old site, here is a list of the potential Group Build themes. I will keep this updated ongoing.

  1. Chopped and Changed - Modified kits, kitbash builds or scratchbuilding projects.

  2. Dirty, Dusty and Rusty - Dirty, badly weathered or fully rusted out “barn find” cars.

  3. White Challenge - any vehicle painted white (or derivatives) - to challenge the skill of the modeler with most difficult finish.

  4. Bad Taste - for ugly custom build, restoration partly finished or finished in mismatching color cars.

5. Heart of the beast - animal manufacturers, any manufacturer with an animal as a badge (Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Holden, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, etc) (April-September 2021)

  1. A bit of muscle - American muscle cars.

  2. The Big Three - Country of Origin (as listed in post below by Andy)

8. The Blue Oval - anything Ford (October 2019 - March 2020) - COMPLETED

  1. Land of the Rising Sun - anything of Japanese manufacture

10. Big Rigs - Trucks rigid or articulated (Perpetual annual event Jan-Dec)

  1. The Early Years of Auto - anything manufactured prior to the start of WWII

12. Strip, Track and Trail - Drag strip, Race circuit or Rally track cars, bikes and trucks (April - September 2020) - COMPLETED

  1. When Two or Three will do - Bikes and Trikes

  2. Ragtop Rules - Anything convertible or Soft Top

  3. Flame On - Decals, mask or freehand, put the flames on!

16. Union Jack & Tricolore - Commonwealth and French Manufacturers showcase (October 2021 - March 2022)

  1. Work and delivery - Those light commercial vehicles, pick-ups (Utes), panel vans, mini-buses

  2. Emergency Services - Police, Fire, Ambulance, Rescue, Coast Guard etc

  3. Stars of the Screen! - Vehicles that have featured in Movies or TV shows.

20. Dreams are Free! - Follow your dreams, build the car, bike or truck that you would love to have sitting in the garage! - COMPLETED

The Dreams are Free Group Build is under way now, and following a recent vote on the old forum the next to start will be Heart of the Beast in April 2021. I will create a dedicated lead-up thread for “HOTB” where we can post images and discussion for inspiration and motivation.

I am looking forward to continuing growth of the AutoModeler site here, so please feel free to contribute to the discussions with feedback on the list above, or further suggestions for Group Build themes.

Cheers, D

@cosimodo , it’s your lucky day! I pulled your name out of a hat and you get to choose the next Group Build (from the list above) to follow on from “Heart of the Beast”!
The one that you choose will start on October 1 this year.
Let me know your thoughts, obviously no huge rush as we have almost 7 months before the start date, but it would be good to get a discussion thread rolling to build some momentum.

Cheers, D

Well no pressure then on deciding what Automodelers should be building for a six month period.

As requested, I will limit myself to the list above. I am surprised, given the foibles of the Associate Editor, that Chevrolet doesn’t appear. I could go a campaign for that. I have a couple Chryslers in the stash that fit the bill - you know, the cars Chevrolet aspire to be!

Actually, I take that back. On further inspection Bad Taste is an option - so Chevs are covered.

Despite the fact that nearly all the kilometres I travel is on two wheels I don’t have one in the stash so that rules out Bikes and Trikes. The very title - White Challenge - probably raises all sorts of diversity issues, so we shouldn’t go there. I am grateful to Emergency Services, but lately I have seen more of them than I would wish in the mirrors of the aforementioned two wheels.

I could find plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t do the others except for the one I have chosen – Union Jack and Tricolore. And to be honest, if you want to build a bike or a jam sandwich (Ha! I bet that will test your automotive knowledge) we could cover most of the campaign options with this British Commonwealth motors or French voitures. Even Bad Taste – I am sure somewhere in history they assembled Chevs outside the US, like Canada!

So God Save the Queen and Vive la France! What other country’s auto manufacturers bring you the sublime to the ridiculous –
Jaguar E-Type…

to Reliant Robin
Bugatti Atlantic…

to Deux Chevaux

By the way, you’re not limited to just UK and France. The Commonwealth has 52 countries besides the UK.

cheers from a French born Anglophile

Yeah, I just knew that I had left myself wiiiiiide open for something like that! Honestly, the pages here are half-filled already with my Bowtie obsessions, I am just doing the honourable thing (like any responsible Associate) and opening the doors to the also-rans of the Auto world!

A very comprehensive and well-argued response, nothing there that anybody should take issue with. I’m sure we will see a wonderful variety of designs hitting the bench.

Cheers, D

You’re not entirely safe, ever heard of a Vauxhall Chevette? :smiling_imp:



The Ford Crown Vic for the police was built in Ontario. For the Ford lovers.

G’day folks.

I have updated the list in the opening post to reflect where we are in the wonderful world of AutoModeler Group Builds !

In summary:
"Dreams are Free!" - finished March 31
"Heart of the Beast" - commenced April 01, finishes September 30
"Garage Queens 2021" - commenced January 01, finishes December 31
"Commercial Trucking 2021" - commenced January 01, finishes December 31

And thanks to Michael (@cosimodo ) we have pending:
"Union Jack and Tricolore" - commencing October 01, finishing March 31 2022.

There has been solid progress in the background to get a Group Build/Campaign format up and running, very similar to the old Kitmaker format, which will be very welcome We will bring more news on that front as things progress.

I hope everybody is staying safe and well, and please keep posting as much progress and relevant comments and content as you can to raise our profile here on AutoModeler.

Cheers, D

Cool, although with no V8SC Holden Commodore available this will have to be a Lotus Europa (Tamiya), Jag XJS (Hasegawa) or XJ220 (Italeri) although there is also a Ford Fiesta Rally car (Belkits) in my stash.

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There are a few back-yard resing casters here that do Commodore bodies, then you need to find a donor kit of the rest. I wouldn’t trust them to land there in one piece though :unamused:

Plenty of time to decide, then change your mind, several times. That’s what I plan to do. At the moment it’s the DB5, because that’s the only kit I have in the stash that fits the rules, but a lot can happen in 6 months :sunglasses:

Oh, BTW, look what I found hiding in my stash! If I recall correctly, I won this in a raffle at a club meeting quite a few years ago and completely forgot that I have it :rofl:

It looks like one of my sons has opened it up and started gluing some parts together, so there will be some rectification works required to get this one up to scratch :upside_down_face:

Cheers, D