Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore - Oct '21 to March '22

Group Build Title: Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore
Group Build Description: A tribute to the manufacturers from the Commonwealth nations and from France. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction and agricultural machinery in all manner of shapes and sizes (and levels of “uniqueness” shall we say) have been designed and produced under these flags. There have been plenty of kits released over the years, drag one out of the stash and join in as we pay tribute to the highlights, successes, champions, failures and disasters from this list.


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I will be in for this one. Leaning towards French excess - a Bugatti!

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I’m ready to roll!

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We are half way through Heart of the Beast folks, only 3 months until this Group Build kicks off. Get your thinking caps on, trawl through your stash, or just go shopping, but fins something that fits the bill and join in!

Cheers, D

I’m interested in joining this (never done a gb before ) my birthday is on the 26th of Oct and I want the 1/8 traction avant or the 1/12 Mefistofeles (both will be built as nothing like the box art but I think both meet the criteria could you let me know if this is right.

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Well I’m saying I’m in let me hope I can get the bench cleared even a little bit as although there is plenty in the stash that fits the bill I received an email yesterday to let me know two kits I ordered a couple of weeks ago from overseas have been posted, both fit the bill, one doubly so.
You’ll have to wait and watch the postman thread :wink:

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Another month gone, only 2 more months until we jump in to this one folks!

Who’s ready? Who’s undecided because they have too many options? Who’s trawling eBay for the grail kit?

Let’s get some discussion going.

Cheers, D

Only 5 weeks to go folks, the starting grid is looking a bit thin! Who’s in?

Cheers, D

Hmmmm, well I do have the Airfix MGB and the Airfix DB5 (not the Bond flavor). I’m sure either will be a challenge. Now where did I hide that British Racing Green?

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Well maybe I should step way out of my comfort zone -
Not 1/48 and it has no wings . Never did a group build .
Just arrived today from the evil temptress e Bay .
Ancient Tamiya - motorized - what a hoot . I think I’ll bypass the motorized bit .
So count me in D if you allow interlopers from the aircraft world .

Cheers - Richard

Richard, that’s pretty much what I am mate! It would be great to have you on board for this one.

Great choice of kit to get you started on the wheely-side, should present no build issues.

Cheers, D

Love the shape of those cars, they just scream speed. Think of it as an F-100 without wings.

Well, with less then two weeks left in the Heart of the Beast GB, I really don’t expect any other entries to cross the finish line. The interest from day 1 was a mere shell of the previous campaign we hosted on the old site, and the number of finished builds has also been rather disappointing.

So with the new GB scheduled to start on 10/1, I’ve decided not to sign up, and just continue to post my builds in the general car forum.


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Well, Joel, I get the frustration. I got burned out on a couple of putty queens and just couldn’t focus on the Challenger. I’m sure the Airfix DB5 is going to be another old kit challenge but I’m not expecting a lot of body and fender work. Just a bunch of flash and assembly compromises. Most of the work should be in trying to get a great paint job.

Joel, I’m disappointed with the lack of participation as well, but given the enormity of the changes between the new and old sites, it will take some time for everybody to get comfortable navigating between the general AutoModeler forum and the Group Build forum.

I’m going to keep the Group Build program rolling here, and follow Joel’s previous few builds with a dedicated and detailed build thread in the Auto forums. Hopefully the extra exposure will encourage a few more folks to join in along the way.

As it stands at this point we have 6 interested parties with possible builds as follows:

cosimodo (Michael) - Bugatti (MFH kit in 1/12 scale I hope!)
AussieReg (Damian) - Aston Martin DB5 (Doyusha kit in 1:24 scale)
Kpnuts (Ken) - Citroen Traction Avant (1/8 scale) or Fiat Mefistofeles (1/12 scale)
Littorio (Luciano) - TBA
md72 (Mark) - MGB or DB5 (Airfix kits)
RDT1953 (Richard) - Lotus 49 (Tamiya kit in 1/12 scale)

Looking forward to getting started in a couple of weeks time.

I trust everybody is staying safe and well.

Cheers, D

I use to also feel that the move from the old site to the new site has caused several of our members that wanted to make the move, struggle with it. I was certainly one of them. Several I’m assuming like Gabriel, Nick, Patrick, and Gary (Gazza), took one look and just plain didn’t like what they saw and left. In any event the site became LIVE in June 2020, so we’ve been at it more then a year. Those that wanted to make the move did, and many struggled with the new site as it’s IMHO way to overly complicated for a plastic modeling site. I’m still struggling with certain aspects of it, but I’m here, and I do participate with threads, posts, and GBs.

But the fact is that AutoModeler has decreased in active membership for the car forum which is our main site. And yes we’ve had some new members sign on, but we’re still smaller now then before.

As far as a new GB goes, there are only 7 sign ups. Way less then then the previous GB, and not even close to what we achieved on the old site. Having a GB run for 6 months makes little sense. The average member who does complete his build rarely continues to be active in the GB, and others stall or never start.
Every month your GB summary urged members to get building and post. Unfortunately, for the most part it never happened.

As I’ve posted previously, we need to maximize what we have to currently work with, not hope or forecast new members joining in meaningful numbers any time soon. I’ve said in the past, and I firmly still believe it that we have way to many forums for so few members. By condensing them into one auto/truck/bike forum we get a larger number of posts and threads, as well as exposing those of us who rarely if ever visit any other forum with subject matter they don’t build. Even if you never opt to build a truck or bike (if you’re a car guy), you’re exposed those builds, and can appreciate them just on the modeling skills, etc.

What’s more, it will increase our GB member counts. I can’t see any reason why there’s not one truck (we had one two GBs ago) from the Truck guys is entered. At least we have Michael’s Bike build, and a proper race car by Richard both in 1/12 scale.

If we have all sorts of car interests in one forum, then including bikes and trucks sure does make a lot of sense to me. We’re not Armorama or Aeroscale. We don’t have the membership for all these forums. We need to consolidate so we can grow and become more active.

As I said in my previous post, i just don’t have the enthusiasm to participate in another GB that’s heading down the same road as the last one did. And where it ended wasn’t exactly the big city.

BTW, I went digging in my profile and there’s a Badge icon, which I clicked on and I have 19 various Admin related badges, but none for any GB. Maybe a dedicated Badge for each GB completed with dates might be another feature to think about.

While the badge I received under my Avatar disappeared after a few weeks, it as well as the others still remain in my profile.


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My continued frustration stems from the lack of participation, not so much for the percentage of starting and finishing which has always been the case.

As I said in my reply to Damian this GB will have even fewer members then the last one. Even if the finish rate was 75% or greater, it’s still only 5 completed builds.

What’s really needed is to step back and see how to fix, change, or create a better GB within the membership of AutoModeliing that we currently have. Not just continue down the same path and hope that things will just get better on their own.


Therein lies the problem. I have had the discussion with Jim, and the format of the Group Builds will not be changing. We need to work out how to increase the engagement and participation of the existing members as well as draw in more new members.

I don’t feel inclined to drop the Group Build program, the fundamental framework is there and it works well, it just works better for the other forums with larger numbers and that’s what we need to aim at.

Cheers, D

We keep on saying that things will change for the better as we grow with new members and retain the old members. That just doesn’t seem to be happening in large enough numbers to make a difference especially when we split up the new members into the 3 main forums.

I keep on proposing that we condense not expand our forums so that there’s in a sense a cross pollination of interests. The more members in one main forum, the greater the opportunity for them to look at other types of motorized builds and even start to post on them. Right now that doesn’t happen very often or at all by a majority of members of our community. To me that’s the most logical way for us to grow as the visits to that central forum will increase by nearly a factor of 3 and help to attract visitors from other KitMaker sites or even visitors that just might sign on to become members.

There isn’t any other logical way to attract new membership. We can’t go on other car/bike sites and post or pm for them to come and visit us in the hopes that some will join KitMakers. The odds are we’ll get banned for life in a day or so. On my other racing site, that’s happened a few times, and the response has always been the same each time. For people to visit and hopefully join, they need a reason. Having the GBs on the other side of the site makes it that much harder especially when our once every 6 month GB and the Shelf Queen GB is literally lost in the overwhelming number of Armorama and Aeroscale Campaigns.

And to be brutally honest, having the news, reviews, and features also in the general area and not the AutoModeler forums doesn’t help one bit either. Again, it’s lost among the the other material from the 2 main sites.

If Jim can’t see out point of view, but only how keeping all related content grouped together, helps the site’s numbers, not ours, and is focused on once again Armorama and then Aeroscale, not us nor the other smaller sites here. I’ve been here going on 14 years and I’ve never checked out The British Bulldogs, 6th scale, ModelRailroader, or any of the Sigs other then then P-47/56th Fighter group Sig.

Why can’t we just host the GB within the Car forum and pin it so it stays on top? No one has used or even tried started their own group build thread except me, and only you and one other person stopped by for a look and or post, so I went back to a regular build blog in the main section that made it worth while.

I opted out of the upcoming GB simply because 7 members of 6 months will be even slower then the current GB which I thought was frankly impossible.

Your statement that the GB framework is there and works well isn’t a factual statement for US. It seems to be for Armorama and Aeroscale which isn’t our concern. For us it doesn’t work. The last GB certainly proved that with the lowest signees, started, and finished builds to date.

There is nothing more to say for the short term. When and if the membership grows and is active enough, then sub dividing makes sense. What Jim created for us simply doesn’t work.


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Well Joel, I was going to put up a spirited defense of the way things are, but it ain’t gonna happen. I don’t know if it’s information density or site clutter, but navigating is difficult. On the old site, I managed to make the new posts page my landing space. A quick scan of the 20-30 (50?) titles could wet my interest or suggest it was time to move on. The color coding showed if it planes, armor, cars or trains, and highlights for posts I’d commented helped me decide where to click next.
Now I land on a similar page, but over half of it is an everchanging list of current hot categories and a too small, too long (past the bottom of the screen) list of current posts. It’s hard to see what interests me. Pounding around the site in the last couple of days I did find a campaign (already underway) that I might have wanted to join. Not surprised I missed it.
There’s also a counter of unread posts that was starting to depress me. It assumed that every topic I investigated was of ongoing interest and every time a new post in that topic. Eventually I had to go through every item on the list and reset a flag to take it off my current reading list.
While I think of myself as an airplane builder, I’ve built cars, armor, and helicopters, some day I might even finish a ship (at least 3 on the ways). I even did a P-47 SIG campaign. So I hesitate to reset my landing page to Auto Modeler, because I might miss one of my other interests.
So if there’s a better way to use the site, I’ll listen. :wave: