AutoModeler Group Build Discussion Thread

Outstanding update for sure. looking forward to pics of the primer coat and then once you get some color on it next weekend.


Check out the latest updates and progress reports in the Commercial Trucking Group Build guys!

Commercial Trucking 2021 (Jan-Dec) - Campaigns / Group Builds / Commercial Trucking 2021 - KitMaker Network

Cheers, D

I just followed your link and I was absolutely amazed. The Truck GB puts the cars GB to shame. Way more signees. and way more builds. Maybe Jim should change the name of this forum to TRUCKMODELER.


Progress report on “Heart of the Beast” Heart of the Beast AutoModeler Group Build - Campaigns / Group Builds / Heart of the Beast - KitMaker Network

With 5 weeks to go, time for an update.

AussieReg (Damian) - Ferrari 250 GT California - Revell kit in 1/24 - COMPLETED
Joel_W (Joel) - 2020 Ford Mustang GT4 - Tamiya kit in 1/24 with IndyCal decals - COMPLETED
Cosimodo (Michael) - Ferrari F1 (Monza 1967 Chris Amon) - MFH kit in 1/12 - COMPLETED

Rick1956 (Rick) - Porsche 904 - Monogram kit in 1/25 - Engine modifications, assembly started

Tinbanger (Richard) - Jaguar E-Type - Airfix kit in 1/32
Betheyn (Andy) - Porsche 917K - Fujimi kit in 1/24
Littorio (Luciano) - Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1300 - Italeri kit in 1/24
Forest1000 (David) - Porsche 911 GT3 - Tamiya kit in 1/24
md72 (Mark) - Dodge Challenger (2009) - Revell kit in 1/25

It would be great to see at least one more build cross the line before the end of September (looking at you @Rick1956 !).

Cheers, D

Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore - Oct '21 to March '22 - Campaigns / Group Builds / Staging Area - KitMaker Network

The starting line for this one is looking a bit thin folks, who’s in?

Cheers, D

Well, since D’s last post above that the up coming GB is looking rather thin to say the least, it’s now 2 weeks till the end of the present campaign and the start of the new one.

At this junction it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any more entries to cross the finish line within the time frame left. This has been more then disappointing as we’ve gone backwards not forwards, and the main reasons I can see for the digression has been the move to the new forums, the GBs no longer being within the AutoModeler site, and no ribbons or method to have them. Badges won’t work as I believe they’re only temporary under our Avatars.

With the new GB scheduled to start on Oct 1st, there’s so little interest in it as i can only see just two members actually ready to sign up for it. Honestly, I don’t see any value in starting a 6 month GB with such poor interest from the forum members.

Whether or not D does decide to move ahead with the GB, I’m not planning on joining as I’ve done with every GB for the last several years.


Apologies for my lack of attendance lately folks, real life issues have taken up way too much time.

Joel is correct, the grand total of 3 completed builds for HOTB is very disappointing and the lowest we have seen for quite a while. I know that the new site is vastly different to the old, and having the Group Builds in a separate dedicated forum requires navigation away from the main AutoModeler forum, but this is how the system works now so we all need to work within it. The positives in the usability of the new site far outweigh the negatives.

I will continue the Group Build program as it stands and once the Union Jack/Tricolore GB starts I will draw the lucky member to decide on the next subject from the list at the top of this thread. BTW I am always open for more suggestions on that score!

I plan to follow Joel’s lead and run a dedicated Build Log thread here in the main forum as well as posting updates in the GB thread. Hopefully the increase in traffic will encourage some more participants.

Cheers, D

Quote - “If we have all sorts of car interests in one forum, then including bikes and trucks sure does make a lot of sense to me. We’re not Armorama or Aeroscale. We don’t have the membership for all these forums. We need to consolidate so we can grow and become more active.”

Below is a screenshot of my home screen settings, so I get all of the AutoModeler threads in one list including any News, Reviews and Features from the main page.

As always, I really appreciate and welcome any ideas with regards to possible improvements we can suggest to Jim around increasing the traffic and participation here.

Cheers, D

Yes, I use that page as well, but I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of members have their forum of choice as their home page when the log on. Also, when I receive a notification and click on it, it goes directly to it’s location, so I don’t see the above page.

It’s a step in the right direction, but we need to take every option open to us to build up the general site.

I do stand corrected badges awarded to one’s profile remain. All we really need is to created a single badge that we can change the name and date to reflect a completed campaign.

BTW, How do I remove some of the badges that are really no longer relevant and kind of silly.


I’ve seen that page, you can even clean it up by clicking on “all tags” and select “to tags”, it will turn off the | Trucks | Motorcycles| Cars | Painting & Finishing | line and give you 1 or 2 extra topics.
But that doesn’t fit with my interests, my modeling interests are all over the place, planes, armor, cars, ships and even some railroad stuff. I tend to select interesting campaigns and then match whatever I might have in the stash. I don’t want to have to click back and forth between different Categories, so I end up on the “Scale Modeling Forums” page and get an overview on what might interest me. IF I select the “Latest” box, it turns off the categories on the left side of the page and just lists posts. But at 100% that only gives 9 topics above the ‘fold’. I still miss stuff, I went chasing down a rabbit hole the other day and found a couple of interesting campaigns, one was too far along to enlist.
Maybe a few graphics changes are in order. 1) Use 2 or 3 lines per post instead of 4. 2) Nearly 40% of the page is overhead, remove the overhead ads, put them over in the white space on the left and right margins.
Joel, I agree that the text box being code focused and not WYSIWYG having the two columns is a bit cumbersome. I have found that if you grab the 2 white lies in the blue bar, you can raise or lower it to see more of your comment as you type it.
Oh and I still want my old wave back. :wave:

We have passed the start date now, but a slight technical hitch in that I don’t seem to be able to create a new Group Build category for this one. I will keep you all updated here as to the progress on that.

The Heart of the Beast AutoModeler Group Build - Campaigns & Group Builds / Closed - KitMaker Network has passed the finish line and has now been moved to the “Closed Group Builds” area.

Hopefully we can get some more participation moving forward :sunglasses:

Cheers, D

I’m just waiting for my Deux Chevaux to show up and I’ll be in.

Ok folks. Humble apologies for the delay in getting the new Group Build up and running, a combination of real life dramas and my lack of IT skills :pensive:

We are finally relocated to a new category in the Group Builds Forum and ready to fire up!
Latest Campaigns & Group Builds/Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore topics - KitMaker Network

You can either start and update your build progress entirely in the existing thread, or alternatively start a dedicated thread within this category of the Campaigns and Group Builds Forum.

I can’t wait to see some of these classic auto’s come to life here.

Cheers, D

Next order of business, does anybody want to volunteer to select the next Group Build to follow on from “WOTUJAT” ?? The next Group Build is scheduled to start on April 1, 2022.

There is a list in the opening post of this thread to choose from, alternatively I’m sure we would all be open to further suggestions.

First in to reply here in this thread gets the job, otherwise I can resort to the trusty old random selection from our list of regulars.

Cheers, D

In regards to the difficulty navigating this new site my observation is that you can end up logging on to just about any spot on the site. the old site opened on a general page and in the header you could pick the fourm you wanted to go to. At the same time that general page listed in the lower right all the recent activities. why don’t we just restrict or channel all logons to start at this one common page in order to navigate to where you want to go. on that common page can be listed all recent posts as well as a list of current and in progress campaigns. seems simple to me. sometimes too many options is not a good thing. everything is too spread out here with little organization. We need a starting centralized page that has to be logged on to in order to go where you want and it will at the same time inform everyone about all that is going on with the whole site. similar to the old site What do you all think? if you like this idea please feel free to pass it along to the appropriate authorities.



Seems like there’s no interest or people missed this opportunity.Giving it a bump.

Hi David.

Given the very low participation in the last couple of group builds, I’m tipping it’s a lack of interest problem.
Honestly, I’m inclined to give the group builds a rest for a while and let people just run with their own build threads in the main Auto forums. We have a great variety of high quality builds going on at the moment, and I don’t want to complicate that or distract folks with the pressure of a time sensitive themed build.

I could be wrong though :thinking:

Cheers, D

I agree with you. I think everyone wants to participate but right now there seems to be a lot going on. If there’s interest, I can lead the next one.

D and I have discussed these numerous times as each GB the numbers just got worse and worse till the one ending in a few weeks that Just D, Richard, and one other build I believe actually got finished. I don’t believe that anyone else even started a build if they did in fact enter.

Giving it a rest for a while as its been one GB every 6 months plus the ongoing Shelf Queen GB gets to be more of a routine then anything else.

One issue with cars/trucks/bikes is that you really need a very strong theme to tie them all together.