‘Axle Grease on Rouge’

Hello fellow modelers. Thought I’d share a small WWII diorama/vignette that I completed recently for the ’Wow, you’ve got a great figure’ Campaign. This was mainly about trying to improve my figure painting. However, I got more involved in the base construction which really satisfied my scratch building jones. :carpentry_saw: :hammer_and_wrench: Axle Grease and Paints are Vallejo Acrylics, Pigments and Washes.

‘Axle Grease on Rouge’
Sarge takes a step back to admire his latest masterpiece… “Viola!”

I gave the Sarge a new base of operations. Hope he’s not claustrophobic! :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Just in case you might be interested, here are some WIP photos along with product call-outs. :yawning_face:

The figure is very nicely sculpted from the Alpine Miniatures (35186) WW2 US Infantry Set.

Here’s my modest attempt at face painting. Disclaimer: I don’t paint eyes. :expressionless:

I gave Sarge his stripes.🫡 And for added duty, I strapped a pineapple from the spare ammunitions box to his chest.:pineapple:

Then I attached an ABER Buckle to the Thompson MG and threaded it with a Tamiya Tape sling. :sewing_needle: :mag:

Here’s the initial base and fence construction.

Scratch-built ladder and random paint slopping.:ladder:

Aftermarket bucket with scratch-built paint-brushes.


Paint, evil vines, bricks and initial weathering.


Product Call-outs:
• Alpine Miniatures (35186) WW2 US Infantry Set (1 of 2).
• Vallejo Acrylics, Pigments and Washes.
• Archer Fine Transfers (AR99017) US WWII Rank Insignia Patches.
• Groundwork: Ammo by Mig (8352) Pinewood Forest Base (5"x9" mat).
• RB Model (35D09) Metal Bucket.
• Fence Planks: Wood Coffee Stirring Sticks.
• Fence Posts: Basswood (0.13” 3.18mm).
• Post Support Rods: K&S Brass Rod No. 9861 (1mm).
• The Scenic Factory (RM-02) Root Material.
• Bricks: Pegasus (PGS 5198) Grey Bricks Small 1/4".
• Kilroy Decals: Printed by dennis@autoloaderproducts
• Poster: Duplica Productions ‘German WW2 Propaganda Posters’… ‘WAFFEN-SS’
• Wooden Cube (3") sourced from Amazon.
• Custom Acrylic Box with Black Wood Base: shopPOPdisplays.com
• Engraving Plate: CrownAwards.com


You might be wondering… why axle grease? :thinking:
From ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ … “It’s in the Field Manual, you can check it out if you want to.”

And finally, here’s a little back-story that I pulled from the web:
’Kilroy Was Here’

Hope you guys like it. :grinning:

Happy modeling!


Up Yours Mike…
Nice to see this one get its own thread.


:rofl:Thank’s, I think.:rofl: … Back atcha’ mate! :upside_down_face:

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Fantastic Mike. Loved it when I first saw it on another figure thread. Great story and excellent finish all around!

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Very nice and tidy build. Your figure painting skills are great.

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Brilliant all the way around. Concept to execution.


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What a cracking little vignette Mike! This all just works so nicely- the red paint instantly just grabs you and then you see that cheeky, iconic ‘Kilroy’ and you can’t help but smile! Really nice figure work too- good colors and a pose well suited to the scene.

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@ metalhead85, @ kosprueone, @ creading, @ Karl187 …
Thank you for your kind replies! If I can entertain my fellow model builders in the slightest way… well, that means a lot to me! :blush:


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Kilroy has left the building!

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Shhhhh.:shushing_face: You’ll wake-up the Elvis impersonators. :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:

Awesome concept and outstanding execution Mike! I’m impressed and makes me smile at the same time.

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@ SSGToms. Thank you! … If I’ve made you smile, then my work is done here. :smile:


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Excellent all around Mike.
My initial thought was of that scene from Kelly’s Heroes towards the end of the film:
Big Joe, Kelly, and Oddball (smirking) facing off old west style with the Tiger commander.
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

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@ strongarden (Dave). Thank you, glad you liked the Sarge!
And now that you mention it… The smirk and identical grip on the Thompson! :smirk: Thank’s for that! :laughing: