B-25 in 2024

Group Build Title: B-25 in 2024

Group Build Leader(s): @phil2015

Group Build Description: Any version of the B-25 in any scale

Event Details:

Completion Award: maybe I can get petbat to generate one???

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I do have one of the HK kits, and I have been wanting to do another large plane.

Yeah sounds interesting.
I picked up Airfix’s Doolittle Raider a couple of weeks ago, so if I’m building it I may as well sign up.

Got at least two Airfix 1/72 B-25 late marks, one 1/72 B model and one 1/48 B model. Now i just need to find the time to build them.

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There is a chance I’ll join in. I have an Academy B-25D, the rebox of the accurate miniatures one

I don’t have a B-25 in the stash… and I’ve told myself I won’t be getting any more kits….
But I’ve been telling myself that for years so why not? :slight_smile:

I have the HKM 1/48th, been collecting stuff for it. I shouldnt really join the GB as I’m on a few to start already LOL But hey ho.


Call me a sucker Phil. How about the iconic view point:
Mitchell 2

Mitchell 1

This is a hard one to get an image that is recognisable in the small size of the badge.


I love the top one!


I also have an Airfix 1/72 B-25, but mine is the Mitchell Mk. II. I might join in if I am still interested in modelling.


I love the bottom one, but fine with either medal :+1:t2::wink:

I`ve got this fellow in my stash


Hi Everyone,

Phil, great job getting Peter involved! I gotta go with the top one.

Got two in the stash, can’t decide on B or D, both of the AM stable. A Doolittle bird or a Parrot? Or both? Not sure, but I know that my B-29 has had a few too many hits and needs a break.

Till next time, be safe, wash your hands and have fun!

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Seems like I have pefect subject for Hangar Queen 2025… I mean B-25 in 2024 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

So I’m in with all those 50 cals in the nose :wink: