B-25C "Dirty Dora" 1:72 Airfix

Probably this year’s the biggest project - Airfix 1:72 B-25C in 345BG “Dirty Dora” camouflage.


Decals, masks, PE parts:

Stay tuned.


Staying tuned for this as I have the kit and same decals but none of the extras yet.

I studied assembly instruction and I need to:

  • replace parts E9 and E10 by C29 and C30 (C version exhausts);
  • replace parts E1 and E2 by C16 and C17 (C version engine covers);
  • use part C8 instead of lower gun turret;
  • assembling of bombardier nose compartment is not neccessary;
  • use clear parts G8 and F12.

More alterations I will describe during assembly reports.

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Will be following with great interest too Andy :smiley:

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Timely for me also. This kit is winging its way my way even now. I did not pick up the Eduard PE set, but imagine I will. The bombardier compartment is behind the cockpit and all the detail on page 5 of the eduard PE instructions are not visible?

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Phil if doing a Pacific strafer which Andrzej is (going by the decal sheet) then the Bombardiers nose compartment was painted over and 4 x .50cal were fitted.

Example photo for discussion purposes only.


Oh, thanks! Yes, I understand now. I plan to do a north africa plane that isn’t a strafer.

I was wondering why he had so many after market guns, now I see!

I think I need a book on b-25s…

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Phil no problem, I’ve been studying up on B-25’s in the New Guinea campaign as that together with the Solomon’s are areas of interest to me.
Of note in the photo posted above you can see that one glass panel has been left un-painted so in that case you would need to build the modified nose compartment, or at least what would be visible through that panel.


Phil2015, I need additional guns for rear windows, gun packs under the pilot’s cockpit and in the nose compartment. That’s why I bought so many items. Fortunatelly “Dirty Dora” had glass panels in nose compartment painted at all, so I don’t need to scratch build anything them.

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Hope to see the final result!!! Nice choice!

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following with interest Andrzej :+1:

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Small report.
I glued some parts together. Wings can be glued together before adding to the fuselage and then slide them into spars.

I mounted and glued some PE parts and replaced gun barells from upper gunner station.

Wheels are poor and there are two ways to improve them: use saw or replace them. I chose the second way and I will buy Eduard’s brassin set (cat. no 672205), but CMK set is also available.

Stay tuned.


looking good Andy :smiley:

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Great work, especially that etch.

Will be watching with interest to see how it builds. I’ve been tempted by this one for a while but the kits decals just didn’t excite me. Will have to see what other decal options are out there for it.

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Looks like you’re having fun with it.

I think originally these kits were produced my MPC and came with three different noses and decals for three version… MPC planes were my favorite as a kit - pretty good detail and a quick, easy build.

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18bravo, No these were an Airfix new tool from about 2-3 years ago, nothing to do with MPC

Stephen, loads of decal options out there.


Just had a quick look on Hannants. Xtradecal, Foxbot and Kitworld have a couple of interesting sheets. Bit spoilt for choice really.

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Only small update today. I didn’t have too much time to build “Dirty Dora”.
I’m still working on PE parts in cockpit.
Instrument panel and yokes:

Pilots and navigator compartment:

Pilots seats:

I painted all needed elements Interior Green (I used Gunze H58) - of course not all on picture :slight_smile: :

As You can see above I added 0,5 mm plastic rods to rear windows to install side guns there. I also made edge of these windows less thin. Maybe it doesn’t look very impresive but it will be almost invisible at the end.


Great start Andrzej! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very impressed with the kits internal detail, and the Eduard pre-painted detail really makes the detail pop. Nice one Andrzej…