B17 resupply Airfix build log

Just started this today, I like to have 2 builds on the go and I have the display campaign build on the other bench.

Started the refueller 1st and will work my way through the supply vehicles. I will do the B17 last and finish it as a diorama.


saw this model at hobby lobby. looked good, but I am personally a 1/35 guy. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Thanks Logan. I am normally larger scale too. This is new tooling by Airfix and wanted to do a small scale dio.
Thanks again for checking in. I will add more over next few days.

This should be nice. I’ll be following it.

Even at 1/72, the B-17 is pretty big, with a wingspan of almost 17".

I just saw this on Evil bay for a reasonable price … I am very tempted to get it … I’m so easily led lol- damn these forums :grin:

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Looks good Peter… Following along with interest :slightly_smiling_face:

Arty Jonnie and Russell, thanks for checking this build log out. Here is the tanker Autocar more or less built. Paint is next on it and the roof to go on.
It is a well detailed kit and would recommend it on the build so far. Very little flash and the fit is very good.
I wanted to get a taste for the new Airfix kits as I have the 1/24 Hellcat sitting next to my bench :grin:
Anyway here are the pics so far.

Cheers Pete


Looking good. That Tanker looks like a beast!

Wanting to pick up one of these myself, but not managed to see one to have a proper look. Does it come with any ordnance like the RAF set?

Hey phantom
Yes ordinance included. What you see on the cover basically.


That set is so cool I had to purchase a second one. I really love the refueler, but I also wanted to scratch this trailer for yet another Berlin Airlift dio.

The PE set for this makes a huge difference, especially for those brush guards.

Edit: Anyone else interested in this set - be sure to visit Hobby Lobby. Every single one in the country I’ve seen has at least two of these on the shelf. And there’s a perpetual 40% off coupon online.

Still there!

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Looking good, Pete.

I do hope you blog the 1/24 Hellcat soon :wink:

That will look cool bravo.
The airfix kits have come a long way since they got taken over by hornby. For detail they rank with the best. For 1/72 there is alot of detail.
Thanks for looking in Bravo.


Hi Russell.
Yes I hope to get it started before the year is over. I will do a blog for it, as I am liking the new site here. Just hope everyone else registers.
Thanks again for checking in Russel.


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Ah yes, know I see.

Will have to look at getting one myself. I have the old ground crew set somewhere in my stash.

Some more work on the tanker. I have added some hose to the reals .



And here is the tanker itself nearly done.

Some weathering and back doors to go on.
I did some pre shading on the tanker which gives me a base to start the weathering. Tyres are painted german grey.


Here is the tanker complete with decals. Some weathering to do.
Also completed the Chevrolet bomb loader and got paint on it, trailer still to do. These are great little kits on their own.

Should make a start on the B17 this week.



That’s a pretty impressive little build there Pete. It looks nicely detailed and like the fuel gauge in the rear. Look forward to more updates.

Thanks Johnnie. The gauge is a decal from the spares box. It is a well detailed kit and builds really easy.

More updates this week fingers crossed.


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Some more work done on the resupply vehicles.
The Chevy and trailer with 500 and 1000 Ib bombs in place all completed and decaled. I added a piece of stretched spruce for the lifting cable. Other than that it’s all as per the kit. The tanker I added hoses to both reels and made one longer as if refueling. Decals from the spares for the gauge.

Next is the cushion cart…then onto the B17.
I have still to weather all vehicles but plan on leaving it until I have finished the car.
I need to work on a base, but that will come later.