Backdating the new 1/200 Yamato

I’m back. Been away for several years. Found my old account is gone. I was one of the original members of the Model shipwrights forum way back when when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

So on to one of my favorite subjects the Yamato. Years ago I was able to convert a 1/350 version to original configuration. I got the new 200 scale and after looking at parts I think i can pull it off again. The mid deck is separate pieces and they give you 4 155mm turrets. Now gotta see what wood decking is offered in the near future


Welcome back Steve and will look forward to how you get on with this project. … I do like the Yamato just for the sheer size of her and her sister ship … I can imagine it’s impressive in 1/200…

And hopefully one day, dinosaurs will make a come back :grin::+1:


Yes, welcome back Steve! I too am a huge Yamato fan, and your proposal to backdate the ship to her “cleaner,” as-built configuration is intriguing! I’d love to see pics of the work as you progress.

The one area of this awesome kit that gives me pause is the plating detail on the hull… the overall shape looks just right, but that exaggerated plating detail is concerning. What do you think?

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Steve, welcome back. Anyone modeling Nihon Kaigun will have my attention.

I’m not in any great rush to do this. So many other kits in the stash including the newer 350 Yamato that I have gathered all the bells ans whistles for. Problem I am facing in gathering materials for this one is the wooden deck. I do not want to paint it. I think someone finally came out with one they say is for this kit. No extra wood I can use to fill in the section they extended to mount those additional 127MM guns. I backdated a Hyuga recently in 350 and used decking from a couple different ships. It did not match up as well as I would have liked. I do not want to do that again. So hoping someone will make a big sheet of 200 decking I can cut and fit. Will try to contact a couple of the decking manufacturers and see if I can get a response or maybe what I want. Patience is something i have plenty of when I need it.

I think they copied the plating from the world of warships painting. Don’t like it but trying to sand it down or fill in the less exaggerated plates is not worth the effort. I remember when they released the 350 Nagto they had the cad lines inscribed in the hull. I sprayed some filler over it and did a light sand that reduced their effect .

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