Badger help & tips for Stylnylrez users!

Apparently some folks don’t read instructions on how to use Stylnylrez?

Check out the thread…it’s interesting :thinking:

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Favorite comment, best paint advice ever. If you thin with Mescal, filter out the worm.

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Floquil Railroad Weathered Black or Mr Surfacer 1500 here.


That’s a quite common issue… mix paints/primers/varnishes with whatever stuff you have heard and then complain the product does not work.

On the other hand, someone should ask Badger to change the name of the product. Seriously.


Agree 100% with Carlos.

If I am not mistaken, Stylenrlzslyslsysltrlrrlrezresrlyss is repackaged as Mig One Shot for us in Europe and I use it fairly regularly if that is the case. Following goes for Vallejo primer as well - my impression is that MiG One Shot and Vallejo primers are extremely similar.

Thins nicely with water or Vallejo Acrylic thinner but only if you mix it properly. Mixing it in the cup of the airbrush is asking for it to split on you.

Thin it in a (clean) shot glass with water or Vallejo thinner or a combination of both and mix it properly. Then mix it again.

Never had an issue with either of them if done properly. Wouldn’t put white spirit or IA in with them as they are acrylics and news of them separating and then gumming up the airbrush when this is done isn’t a shock to me.

I have a feeling most of the issue here isnt so much people thinning with IA, It is thinning with water or the correct acrylic thinner and then cleaning the brush with IA which ultimately gets you to the same place. I think that is just muscle memory for those of us old enough to come from a time when you cleaned everything with white spirit / IA as a matter of course no matter what paints you were using, (this is how I worked when I was a kid) and I dare say this pre-dates the current very clever acrylic paints that are not the same as what we were using historically.

I’ve heard some folks mention they use white spirit or IA to clean and thin because they dont want to be falling into the “trap” set by the paints manufacturers to go out and buy “their” thinners etc, and the white spirit will clean anything no matter what it is. I think maybe some of us dont truly understand the chemical makeup of what we are using - and I hold my hands up here. It would be really cool to have a chemistry lesson in the main paints brands to really understand what is going on. Not sure how useful it would be but for sure I’d find it interesting.

Acrylics = water or Vallejo airbrush thinner (which is remarkably benign and plays well with every true acrylic I’ve ever come across, Citadel, VMA, VMC, AK Real, Mission, MiG, Lifecolor, etc you name it)

Enamels = Mr Color/Gunze. (Works with every enamel eg Humbrol or hybrid, eg: Tamiya, AK 3rd Gen)

Lacquers = Tamiya Lacquer thinner.