Bandai 1/72 X-Wings Red Squadron 1 through 6 WIPs

Just about done with my interpretation of Red Leader - Garven Dreis as seen in the original theatrical release and not the CGI versions.

As it sits right now. More to come as I get my photo station back up and running and as the rest of the first 6 get going.


you’ve done an excellent job on that xwing and i can’t wait to see the rest of tbe squadron.

Thanks David.

I’m thinking I may hit Red 1 with some Tamiya Smoke after remasking the replaced panel on the forward fuselage and upper port engine. Washed out a lot in the photos so far.

Started Red 2 for the Big Three Universes build, Red 3 will be started later in the week for Sci-Fi 9.

Red 2, 3 and 4 have been started.

Most painting of the three cockpits complete and just waiting for their pilots.

Been doing them in unison.
Wedge and John D. Branon look like this at the moment.

Biggs has his mustache painted on. LOL

Helmet markings are next. I will be freehand painting the markings on Wedge and John D. I found the helmet decals left over from a FM X-Wing for Biggs, hoping they’ll fit.


The FM Biggs helmet decals disintegrated when dipped in water this evening. Would not have thought that a decal 1mmx2mm could break into 5 pieces. Laid down a coat of yellow in the spots where the decals would have gone. Will try to use a technical pen to ink in the checkerboard.

Red 2-3-4 interiors all in a row, each helmet was hand painted. This is the best these old eyes and unsteady hands can do.


Been a few days since updating.

Last Sunday just before primer.

And where Red 2 stands as of today.

Once the red is on later today I’ll be drybrushing and misting on white to tone everything down tomorrow. Then, the fun starts, bringing it to life.


Loosely press fit in preparation for the overspray of thinned SMS White.

Final glue up will be after most of the weathering is complete.

Red 2 is being called done.

Better pictures of Red Leader


1 & 2 together


Finally back at Red 3. Got the parts cleaned up and the sub assemblies glued. I did a little surgery to switch the upper engine cans from left to right. It should be in primer tonight and base color tomorrow.

Another two week business trip starting Monday so everything will be nice and cured by the time I get back.

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