Bandai B-Wing Build. Built!

Well hello to the new modelgeek!

I thought I would post my Bandai B-Wing, 1/72nd build on here, my first Star Wars work in progress. I have started removing and cleaning up some of the cockpit parts, and the quality is just excellent. The kit is push fit and the fit looks to be very good. I’m sure I will reinforce certain parts with glue though. I have been inspired by Andy Moore’s build on britmodeller and the modelling news, his stuff is just amazing. So I know I can keep the model in subsections to make painting and weathering easier.

I will be building another couple of kits at the same time, one tracked and one rotary winged, for some variation as the mood takes, so this won’t be quick, but as we are going back into lockdown I for one will have plenty of time for modelling!

So here it is, what looks to be a fantastic little kit of my favourite of the rebel fighters.

Cheers, Jim.


He is the worst…at corrupting minds to build Bandia SW kits. I have speeder and two AT-ST cause of him.

Look forward to what you do with the kit.


Looking forward to following this. I’ve got both this and the Comic Con version in the stash.

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yep this looks to be an interesting build and I will be following your build closely.

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Will be following your build.

Recently treated myself to their Death Star II and Star Destroyer minis. Was really impressed by the detail. The Death Star is without doubt the smallest scale model I have ever bought!
Will look into getting the B-Wing though. One of my favourites since playing the X-Wing games.

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Defiantly following! If this build is anything like your armor builds I’m Confident it will look amazing!

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Thanks for the interest guys!

That’s the parts all cut off the sprues and cleaned up and the model loosely put together. Just a few small pieces missing in the pics from the cockpit area. I think there are a few seams that will be needing glued, but I don’t see much, if any need for filler. I “modified” the fit for the lower fuselage so I can separate it. The cockpit rotates and the wings fold. The stand works well but is quite ugly, I think I will be making something else for that.

So, just glue what needs glued, prepare and mount parts for painting and off we go. I like this little kit!

Pics show loosely assembled, then with Finemolds 1/72nd x-wing for size comparison, and then the parts broken down. Oh, and you have canopy with and without glass options.

Thanks, Jim.


Very nice and your X-Wing looks like a great build with fine weathering.

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Thanks Trisaw!

The finemolds x-wing was a great kit, I still have a couple in the stash. And a couple of Bandai x-wings! The only thing I’m not keen on with Bandai is the use of different colour plastic on parts which breaks up what could be nice and continuous panels with slightly different gaps. However, the detail and fit is just great, and I’m just so happy they came out with the bwing…

Cheers, J.

It’s looking cool Jim…and you’re on your own with this one… I never worked on them lol.
X wing looks great as well…if you have a few more in your stash you may be interested in the alternative camo scheme potential build myself and @Tank_1812 are pondering over… :wink:

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Yeah Jim, as my colleague @Johnnych01 said we have a way to fixed the colored plastic issue, non-cannon colors. :smiling_imp:


Thanks John and Ryan. Yeah I have been thinking about that alternate finish campaign. I have an AT-ST I would like to do in camouflage. I also have a few speeder bikes, old amt and Bandai, which would be interesting too…

Cheers, J.

This thread had lots of great ideas if you needed some help.

Andy Moore also some nice simple upgrades in this thread.


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Thanks Ryan, that speeder/scout build is just excellent. And some fantastic schemes to contemplate, I like Andy Moore’s idea of a caunter scheme on an AT-ST.


Hey all, after another tank build it’s time to get on with the B-Wing.

All parts clean and mounted for painting. I’m going to be using AK Real Colors for the first time on this, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Going to start with a preshade/prime with RAF extra dark sea grey, RC295…

Cheers, J.


Been looking forward to this one Jim… Another Berlin Cam scheme ? :grin:

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Ha! Maybe a Bespin camo scheme!

This is going to be a nice and grubby original scheme I think. I’ve been studying Andy Moore’s process so will be trying some new techniques. I do have another kit which may get a different finish in the distant future…


The pre-shading and “priming” layer is done.

I used the AK RC295 initially. The paint just didn’t want to come together completely when mixed, no matter how much I tried, white swirls remained. It laid down ok, but wasn’t consistent throughout spraying, but maybe this pot is just a bit funky.

I then used xf-1 Tamiya black for the first coat on guns, cockpit etc, then mottled this over the grey preshading for a more interesting effect. All this is going to disappear under layers of greys but I like how it looks just now!

Will give the AK RC220 light gull grey a go next, lightened with some white maybe, and see how that goes.

Had a wee panic when I thought I’d forgotten to paint the road wheels, too many tanks!

Cheers, J.


Next stage of painting complete. A mottled layer of light grey still showing the preshading.

AK RC220 light gull grey, AK RC004 white, mixed 1:1 then thinned with own brand thinner around 2:1 thinner to paint. And for those interested, spayed through an Iwata HP-CH at around 15psi. I’m happier with the performance of these colours.

Onto some AK RC299 barley grey next…

Cheers, Jim.


Ok so another layer on.

AK RC299 Barley grey, RC004 White, and RC gloss varnish.
1:2:1 barley:white:gloss thinned about 2:1 again.

Last update for a bit. Going to contemplate the next move. If I follow AM’s process, it will be a mix of Tamiya deck tan and white.