Base and Building wish list

I would like to know what’s on people’s wish list for bases and buildings .
A description or a picture would be great.
You can even pm me if you want.
With all of that said good things are in the works already.

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I don’t know diddly about squat because I haven’t attempted a vignette in the better part of 20 years. But…

When I was mulling around something for my Leo a while ago, I found that a lot of the stuff on the market (that I was seeing anyway) was very specific. “French House”, “North African Market”. I get that because those have a big historical significance and an associated market.

What I’m thinking you should consider is neutral and generic, kinda like that house you mocked up in the summer. Things that, with the right paint and accessories could work from 100 years ago until today.

I think you already have a generic rock/desert base. What about:

  • Dirt Track
  • Check Point with a potholed road
  • Asphalt/Concrete pad for a tank park (like your boneyard bomber
  • Hull down position in an embankment
  • Sandbag FOB type setup (could work with the checkpoint)
  • Generic flat earth/terrain squares in a few sizes. Something you could dress up a bit and just park a model on as a base rather than a full feature length film
  • Gun pit

@Canmedic . Don I love those ideas

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+1 Here, here. I would be highly motivated to buy (and promote / encourage others to buy) bases in these descriptions that were not diorama bases, but just terrain bases for the display of one tank model. Something in a 9" x 7" or 10" x 12" size would be optimal to fit most models and still fit on a shelf. 9" x 7" would be more efficient.


@SSGToms . That is great feedback . Thank you. I like those ideas.

Yep, I agree something along those lines would be excellent.

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I’ll either sound smart or stupid right here- most likely the latter- when I say this, but I saw this uhhh “epic” not so little diorama from Italeri, surprisingly only 85 bucks. I think it’s 1/100, but I don’t know.
here’s a link. I’ll definitely be making this once I have the money!


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You can do your own in 1/35.

That Stallingrad is a distinct possibility in 1/35

That actually looks like a nice set!