Battle of Britain 80 Campaign

While this campaign ends before the official migration to these new forums, the Gallery on the old site appears to have given up the ghost. Therefore, I’m opening this thread for anyone (like me) who still hopes to make it before the deadline. Final pics posted here WILL count towards getting a ribbon.

Good luck, everyone!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Arma 1/72 Hurricane Mk I remains finished!

I was fortunate enough to have finished a long time ago and uploaded pics well before the Gallery issues, but I’m sure a lot of guys will be pleased about this Michael. Cheers.

Thanks guys. So, I have been making progress on the 1/32 Fly Hurricane. Here are some shots to bring it up to date:

Since that last shot, the roundels are on the tops of the wings. I’m still pushing to get done, so here’s hoping!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking great Michael. I’m sure there is time to finish her from here.

Thanks Michael for setting this up!! This is the 1/72 ARMA Hobby’s Expert Edition Hurricane Mk.I in Robert “Stanford” Tuck’s early markings…(old Aeroscale BoB set). Was a very good kit to build, but I had some mold/tool alignment issues.

Extra time allowed for my first try of British roundels with the help of Adobe Illustrator and Silhouette Cameo 4 and some really good masking film!! Even used Arma’s available paint scheme PDF…imported and replicated. Tried some other/additional weathering techniques. Overall, I’m happy with the result…still have some practicing to do!!

Thanks again for opportunity (and extended deadline)!!!



Fantastic work on the Hurricane. The weathering is very realistic. My hat goes off to you getting all those circle templates lined up so well.

Wow, I built the Jr. version of that kit. Didn’t come out nearly as well. Love the underside weathering, I has hoping to do something like that, but mine looks like I just spilled paint on it. :wave:

OK, I made it! The Fly 1/32 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I in the colors of Sqn. Ldr. Archibald McKellar, CO of 605 Sqn. during the Battle of Britain (I swiped the individual markings from the Pacific Coast kit, which I haven’t built yet.) I’ve seen in more than one source that this was the high scoring Hurricane of the Battle, and thus has a claim at least to be the high scoring Hurricane of them all.

These Fly kits aren’t the easiest to build, definitely short-run. But they beat the old Revell kit hands down. I’m glad to have this one in my collection.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


It came out really well!

Great Finish Michael! :wave:

Thanks, guys!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well! Let’s try this out with a few pics of my finished Fiat!

There are more photos in the thread over at the old forums but from now on I’m onboard here!




Excellent Magnus, well done indeed!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

that fiat turned out great!

Well, time to close this one down. Ribbons have been awarded, so if you didn’t get one and think you should have, let me know. Thanks to all who participated and congrats to those who finished. On to the next one!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for organizing and administering it, Michael. It was great fun.

I see that Eduard has quite a few BoB releases coming out now. Makes me want to do it again…

Thanks Michael, I had to go out of my way to get an RAF kit. It was and enjoyable build with a great group of modelers. :wave:

Thanks for letting this lone Flak builder into the campaign. I have loved watching all the aircraft come together. Many skilled modellers have shared their work and I have enjoyed every one.