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8 Wheelers from 1965 - to Present Any 8 wheeled military vehicle from any nation and any arm of the Military. That’s not a big plane, *this* is a big plane In the twin-engined bomber campaign thread, there was an interest in doing 4 engine planes. So, how about a big plane campaign? Not sure how to flesh it out, but looking for planes with 4 (or more) engines. I’m thinking it could be bombers, big transports, anything that really is a big plane. Convoy! This campaign is aimed at anything truck-like, essentially anything bigger than a Jeep but smaller than a Liberty Ship that moves cargo (and other stuff) from A to B with wheels. We’re talking Beeps, Deuces, Blitzes, Kenworths, Macs, Volvos, and any other rig that was originally designed on a chassis to haul stuff, even if your variant left the factory kitted out for something more specialized. Fire truck? Great! Recovery truck? Sure! DUKW in WW2 glory? Why not? Or a DUKW-tours modern conversion? Super! And if you’re into civvie trucks that’s great - I have a soft spot for the old AMT 1:25 rigs. And how about the classic Aussie outback Road Train? If you’d rather convert a tanker to the Mad Max 2 rolling pillbox that’d be fine too! My aim is to be as inclusive as possible, so we can all have fun building what we enjoy. Let’s say any scale, any country, any type, military or civilian or both! African Nations - Land, Sea, Air or Elephant Plan would be for something in an armed service of one of the African nations; or foreign nations in conflict on the African continent. Huey Heaven Campaign Build a Huey or one of the UH-1 off shoots, any scale, military, civilian or coast guard types welcome. Steffen Arndt Memorial Welcome to the campaign honoring our friend, Steffen Arndt, a frequent and much appreciated contributor to AeroScale who, sadly, passed away recently. Steffen was an aficionado of The One True Scale, 1/48. Made in France - multi-genre Anything made in France. Can be a military subject in a different countries armed forces. All genres welcome. Inaugural Railway Campaign Since this is the inaugural campaign, the rules are pretty flexible - anything railroad related. Forgotten Wars Group Build From a “forgotten war” during the Cold War era (1945-1991) - a war that did not have direct participation from the US or the Soviet Union (Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are out, for example Lost To The Deep The idea is to honor those ships, aircraft, or vehicles, either military or civilian, that were lost in either an accident or through combat actions. Finished Campaigns Archive This is where completed campaigns and their campaign topics get archived. Smells like teen (fighter) spirit My all time favorite fighters are the US teen fighters, F-14,F-15,F-16, F-18. I already have the 15,16 and 18 in the stash and plan to add a 14! Lifting the Fog of War: Command and Control This build is dedicated to all the resources a commander has available to help penetrate that fog. The modern term for all of this is C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) which according to the US DoD also encompasses Recce and Surveillance. I figure this should open things up nice and wide for build options. Burnin’ Coal 2021 Model any ship, any scale, as long as it burned coal. If it was a coal burning ship that later converted, it should be modeled when it was still a coal burner. Help & Support Have a question about either starting up a group build/campaign, an ongoing campaign or other group build related issues? Post them here. T-34/85 campaign Any kit, any scale, any type (gun (no small bore ie 76), arv or bunker) and any era are welcomed. Yes, even partially (less then 25% say) started. Thinking about running 1 March to 1 April in case your building the Miniart interior kit for example. Unfinished Business 2023 Like opinions, everyone has one. Yes, I’m talking about a part built model. We all have a ‘Shelf of Shame’ of sorts. Those unfinished models that we WILL get to…one day. Well here is the place to go to for some moral support to get that build over the line. Hangar Queen XII This campaign is for all those planes that didn’t make it over the finish line, or that sit upon the “shelf of doom”. T-54/T-55 Campaign Any T-54/T-55/Type 59/Type 69, any scale, any timeframe. Sci-Fi & Alternative History VIII This campaign covers everything that is in the Sci-Fi universe or the alternative history. Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore A tribute to the manufacturers from the Commonwealth nations and from France. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction and agricultural machinery in all manner of shapes and sizes (and levels of “uniqueness” shall we say) have been designed and produced under these flags. There have been plenty of kits released over the years, drag one out of the stash and join in as we pay tribute to the highlights, successes, champions, failures and disasters from this list. Twin-engine bombers So this one is for bombers/attack aircraft. A twin-engine fighter will be fine if it could carry bombs/rockets/etc and is so depicted in the build. Railroad Structures Railroad-oriented structures, civilian or military themes. Any scale/country/era. Naval Air Campaign This campaign is about Naval Air, any aircraft assigned to a Navy in recognition of the 80th anniversary of one of the most important years for naval aviation. Land or carrier based, any era or nationality, any scale, as long as it belongs to a Naval or Marine unit. IDF 75 Campaign This will be for any and all IDF subjects, from 1948 to the present, across the various sites: figures, ships, vehicles, armor, or aircraft. If you can find a railroad subject that fits, go for it! I’m suggesting a start date of September 26th, 2022, which is the Jewish New Year, and it will run for a year to cover the anniversary. Bulgarian WWII Campaign Group Build Description: This campaign is about equipment, used by the Bulgarian Army in WWII. Trumpeter Mk VII Any Trumpeter Kit. Any Scale. No started kits. Any aftermarket additions are allowed. Dios are welcome but not essential. Scratch building and personal touches most welcome. WWI / Wingnut Wings This campaign can include any model from World War I, not just aircraft and not just Wingnut Wings kits. Best tank that never was This campaign is all about those “more than a sketch on an envelope” concepts that for whatever reason failed to make the final hurdle to standard-issue equipment. Made in Ukraine Someone listed all the companies that we use that are based in Ukraine. So, how about a campaign of models from all those companies? Micro Machines Campaign You can build anything from artillery to just general armor, vehicles and guns! The 80th Anniversary of The Guadalcanal Campaign [August 7, 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the Guadalcanal Campaign, or Operation Watchtower by the American forces. This campaign was fought between 7 August, 1942 to 9 February, 1943, on and around the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific Theater of World War II. This group build will commemorate this anniversary to include any subject, any scale as long as it was involved in the Guadalcanal Campaign. There are a lot of subjects for this one!] The Big 3 Universes - Star Wars-Star Trek - BSG A general Star Wars Universe (SWU) build. I have now enlarged the scope for this by adding the Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica universes into the fray. This would be OOB from any of the various films, TV shows, books or comics, and if you wanted, you could even do another alternate cam scheme. Centurions: Fist of the Empire Any scale, any time, any variant (even paper panzers) just so long as it’s in the service of a country other than the United Kingdom. Tank Destroyers 2 Campaign All types of Tank Destroyers, particularly those used during WW2 and can be found on the game World of Tanks or more historically accurate sources of information. Hot Out of the Molds 2022 This is the 2022 version of the popular Hot Out of the Molds group build. It is open to all modeling genres and scales. Model must be from a kit released in 2021 or 2022. Upgrades and aftermarket allowed. Tell us about your new kit, how it looks in the box, how it goes together, how happy you are with it! The campaign will run from 1 January, 2021 to 1 January, 2023. Unfinished Business 2021 Unfinished builds from this years campaign… The Great War - 2023 - multi-genre Multi-genre subjects from the Great War. Ships, figures (I saw that box of figures that just arrived - StormTroopers), that female Mk IV, the biplane, the zeppelin, etc. Twin Engine Fighters Any twin-engine fighter, any scale, any time period. This is broadly conceived so something like a Ju-88 night fighter would be fine. Great Canadian Campaign Anyone up for a Canadian armed forces campaign? Past and present. Lose rules being build anything used or made by the Canadian army. Armor, aircraft, ships and submarines. Hangar Queen XIII The Hangar Queen was usually a plane that was relegated to being stripped down for parts or rebuilt to fly again. This campaign is for all those planes that didn’t make it over the finish line, or that sit upon the “shelf of doom”. The goal being to complete these builds and give them the recognition they deserve. Any scale, any subject as long it flies. A4 Base (2021) Build a mini diorama in the scale of 1/72 and or smaller. The dio dimensions must be the paper sizes of either A4 or A5 or A6. Hot out of the Molds 2023 The 2023 version of the popular Hot Out of the Molds group build. It is open to all modeling genres and scales. Model must be from a kit released in 2022 or 2023 Best Tank That Never Was - Part 2! Ever seen a prototype that didn’t quite make it to series production? This campaign is all about those “more than a sketch on an envelope” concepts that for whatever reason failed to make the final hurdle to standard-issue equipment! It can be something already kitted, such as the T29/T30/T32 heavy tanks the US played with at the end of WW2, or something more obscure like the Canadian Skink AA tank or the US T31 demolition tank that require kitbashing or scratchbuilding. Not to mention Maus and other paper panzers (if they got further than a sketch, that is!) or indeed many of those odd Soviet beasts like the Objekt 279 “flying saucer” tank. We’ll need to see photos of it in testing or at least as workable factory blueprints (or as part-built captured hulls…) to weed out the more outrageous Rattes etc, as well as some build pics along the way. And it could be a cancelled upgrade to an existing vehicle (such as the 120mm-gunned Leopard 1) rather than a whole-new platform. There will be a badge (eventually!) and extra kudos to those doing more obscure subjects - plenty of backstory is always welcome. And don’t get too hung up on “tank” - I’m sure we can all appreciate wheeled vehicles, APCs, and other battlefield would-be developments as long as they ultimately failed to go into service! Wild Weasel 2023 Hello and welcome to the Wild Weasel 2023 campaign, a campaign to celebrate the dangerous and vitally important SEAD role in modern aerial warfare. Any aircraft of any nationality, any scale and any time period as long as it’s armed for or designed for SAM killing or Jamming. To encourage a variety of builds, I’m also including electronic warfare aircraft in the campaign. Partially started builds, up the usual 25%, will not only be allowed but positively encouraged! Let’s see some shelf queens finished. Post as many build photos and updates as you like. The more the merrier. Curvy Tanks Any tank, any era, making heavy use of armor castings, i.e. curvy contours. The more castings the better. NOT a tank destroyer campaign It seems there was quite a bit of interest in (mostly odd) things for destroying tanks, but weren’t what we think of as a tank destroyer. This is for that stuff. Some examples - a TOW mounted on a jeep, an ATR on a motorcycle, various technicals with anti-tank capabilities, infantry carried anti-tank weapons. So roughly anything put together for destroying tanks but that is not a tank or a tank destroyer. I’m a Movie Star Group Build Build a Vehicle, Aircraft or Ship as depicted in a Movie. Or, do a figure or bust of someone in a Movie. Or, build a Dio depicting a scene of a movie. Star Wars Alt Camo Schemes The Star Wars Alternative Camo scheme is here !!! 3 tone, 2 tone, splinter, digital, block cam, etc. for Star Wars vehicles. Siege of Malta Combatants on either side involved in the Siege of Malta, June '40 to November '42. Wow you’ve got a great figure! Has there been a figure campaign before? Maybe keep it simple as any build that is about a figure, any scale, any time period? Sci-Fi and Alternative History Campaign IX This campaign covers everything that is in the Sci-Fi universe or the alternative history. Staging Area Campaigns / Group builds are in this forum. Read the guidelines. Land of the rising sun Looking for people interested in doing a Imperial Japanese Navy/Imperial Japanese Army campaign. Any scale, any subject as long as it was used by Japan between 1868 and 1945!
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