Battleship Bismarck by Trumpeter

Here I show the construction of my Bismarck model from the Trumpeter brand in the scale 1:200.
The Pontos Detail Up Set “Advanced” is used for optimal detailing of the model. Various Veteran Models sets and all sorts of other aftermarket accessories do the rest.
Not to mention a bunch of styrene profiles for scratch building and the famous leftovers box.
I’m trying to create a model that shows the period from April 1941 to about 80% historically correct.

I worked on the model for almost two and a half years and it was finished in October last year.
I ended up here with you through a friend and will enter some pictures of the construction here during the days.

This is the start

With the Pontos etched parts set, you have the best prerequisites for raising the level of detail.

Before I go any further, a question.
Are pictures of swastikas allowed here in the forum? The next picture would be the aircraft identification on the bow.


This forum/site does not come under the jurisdiction of German laws about the swastika.
We allow it since it is shown in a historical context.

Before I go any further, a question.
Are pictures of swastikas allowed here in the forum? The next picture would be the aircraft identification on the bow.

Yes, Robin is correct; the swastika may be shown if and only if the intent is part of a legitimate historical representation (such as the ID markings on Bismarck’s decks fore and aft) but absolutely not as part of any kind of glorification or advocacy of National Socialism or as part of any political statement. There are other forums out there for that kind of thing - we’re here to have fun with model ships!


This looks very impressive,looking forward.

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Wow! That’s huge! More pictures please.

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Thank you, then it can go on.
Next came the wooden deck on the hull and the ID markings could be painted.
Note the double bar chains. Many ship models use regular link chains, which is incorrect.

The first superstructures received their Baltic camouflage scheme and could be glued to the deck.

The front superstructures got their fans.

The next floor has been improved with styrene profiles.


Next up was the bridge. Out of the box she is almost naked. Here you can really score with the Styrene profiles.

The lines were made with 0.2 mm lead wire.

Finally, the fire control units from veteran models, and I like the bridge.

The wobbly pots also got an update

The next floor.

Now the first sailors came on board. the guys are from northstar models

And so the bridge can also be installed.


Beautiful work so far. Am really enjoying your Build…Cheers mark


Splendid work, and great pictures! I love watching how other modelers work - I only add the super-fragile details (like the crew figures) at the very end, but your process of adding everything to each level as you go along is working beautifully. Looking great so far! :grin:

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What a super build this is. Amazing detailing as well. The bridge looks phenomenal… It will be massive … What’s the size difference between this and a 350 scale ?

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From small model to original and back to larger model:
multiply 1 by 350 and divide by 200 = 1.75
Quite an increase, if the larger model had been in 1/175th scale
it would have been exactly twice as big as the 1/350th.

The difference in volume is 1.75 x 1.75 x 1.75 = 5.36 (rounded from 5.359375)
so if you need 1 kg to get th 1/200th to float at the waterline you would need
5.36 kg to get the 1/200 model to float correctly.


In 1:350 the Bismarck is 717mm long, in 1:200 it is 1250mm long.

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That all sounds like maths… That is not my friend lol … Thanks for trying though Robin :grin:

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Now that I get … it’s massive :grin:

Yes it is. :sweat_smile:

And no less high. So on to the next floor.

It goes further up. Here, too, the kit is upgraded with styrene.

Veteran’s 37mm Flak is amazing.

Likewise the range finder.

Next, I’ll show you something I made myself. I made tarpaulins out of paper and diluted wood glue.

These were used to protect the companionways from rain.

So that’s it for today. It will continue tomorrow.


Not only maths, but centimeters.

I’m so confused; let’s see, a long cigarette is a 100mm …

Seriously, beautiful work. The decking and details look amazing.

“Wobbly pots” are stereoscopic coincidence range finders?

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Thank you.
That’s right

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Okay, another try:
It is a slightly larger difference than between a 90 mm shell and a 155 mm shell.
Feel better now?
:innocent: :grin:


Ahhhh :+1:… That’s my kinda explanation :joy::smiley:

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