Best A-10 Warthog in 1/48 scale

Hi guys,

I was wondering which is the best 1/48 A-10 Warthog out there?

im not quite sure if I will be doing a first gulf war version or a more modetn Afghan war version.

thoughts and opinions welcome.


It may be not the best, but if it’s not urgent, I suggest to wait for the brand new Academy kit. It’s in their 2022 catalogue and it’s a new mold, not a rebox.


@Halaci thanks for the advice!

I just hope the decals aren’t a PITA like they were on the F/A-18

That’s really good to know, I was looking for a warthog and they all seemed to have major issues

Go with new Academy, it has latest C parts. Hope for Cartograph decals as Academy has been doing that. All the Academy decals I used way back in early 2000s were junk, BUT someone said if you use hot water you can make them work…kinda doubt that as mine never stuck, fell off within 1/2 hour. John

There are some very good after market decals to be had for the Hog, namely Two Bob’s and Speed Hunter Graphics, as an option. SHG have two demo teams that are quiet attractive, including the vintage Vietnam scheme on the A-10. Digital Hogs — Reid Air Publications I’m partial to the Mustang one, myself but am doing a 1/32 Hog in the Red Devil scheme.

Have always wanted to do a 1/48th a10 but have never been tempted by any of the available kits so the news of a new tool academy offering is very welcome. Their 1/35th AH-1Z went together rather well and the included cartograph decals were excellent, hopefully this will be the same.

Thanks for starting this thread David @Klaus-Adler , another one of my bucket list builds is looking more likely.

Another one in the wishing list. I always wanted to make a Hog, so I’ll wait for the Academy.

I will also take a look at these decals Newtonk says.

I’m also thankful for this thread, hahahaha.

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@iwatajim oh don’t blame me for this one mate, blame “Killer Chick” i listened to this podcast the other day and thought a battle damaged A-10 would be a good idea for a build.


Ha! No, no blame, only thanks for being pointed in the right direction. As they say in the ‘cast, the a10 is akin to the apache, and I have a 1/48th hasegawa ah-64d longbow complete on the shelf awaiting it’s fixed wing sibling… oh, that rhymed, and so close to Burns night!

And the battle damaged build idea sounds fantastic.

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OK, well, now I gotta know. What’s wrong with the HobbyBoss kit? That’s the one I have in my stash.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe saying they had major issues wasn’t fair. From what I’ve read the hobbyboss one is by far the best. The only complaint I’ve heard is the cockpit is a little bare, but that can be remedied.

The Tamiya one apparently has many accuracy/shape issues, and the others are ancient

Whew, thanks! I expect the new Acadamy kit will be better, but as long as I already have this one, I think I’ll stick with it. I have the Killer Chick decals from TwoBobs I was planning to use as well, though probably pre-mission rather than post!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll probably wait for the academy and see how it compares to the hobby boss, I’ve been wanting an A-10 for a while. The “issue” with the hobby boss could be easily remedied with scratch work or resin if the price between the academy and hobby boss is very different

@michaelsatin Michael, do you have a link for those “Killer Chick” decals.

I’m sorry Klaus. They’re TwoBobs sheet 48-057 but they’re showing as sold out at the TwoBobs website. You might find them aftermarket somewhere!


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you want some Black Snake decals anyway!!

black snake decals???

i’m not sure what you are talking about mate.

Ultra Cast in Canada has a great many rare decals - you may find what you need there .

The Tamiya molds are quite old also. I do believe that it was first released when the A-10 was in developmental stage or initial entry service.