Best Jeep model

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Used the search feature with no luck, so I’ll ask the group.
I’m looking to add a Jeep either Willy’s or MB, to a diorama and was wondering who makes the best 1/35 scale jeep. I’m not looking for an armored or SAS version. Just the standard issue Jeep. I recall there were only a couple on the market a while back and now it seems there are many.I’d like something challenging, so parts count don’t scare me. I’d like accuracy and detail.
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First, the Willys was the MB. The other jeep was the Ford GPW. Ford also license-built the MB since Willys couldn’t make them fast enough.

This should answer your questions:
I am planning on making a recon jeep in WWII, need advice

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I’ve built both the Tamiya and the Meng offerings. Enjoyed both builds, but prefer the Meng.