I am planning on making a recon jeep in WWII, need advice

I was looking at the 1/35th jeeps available. The Meng CAD images looked nice but I don’t know how the actual plastic parts compare to Boarder or others.
I also want to include a rifle holder on the hood like Boarder has. Who produces nice M1’s.

Advice welcomed.

Any of the newer generation, recent jeep models will do. I believe they all have the M1 bracket mounted on the back of the windscreen as well. It really depends how detailed you want to be.

Meng’s Willys MB jeep is pretty nice. It is pretty well on details and an easy build. It includes the M1 Garand in the window mount in the kit.

Takom’s Willys MB also looks good and a pretty easy, well detailed build. It also includes the M1 Garand window mount.

Tamiya’s Willys MB is pretty nice, yet has simplified details in some areas. It is probably last in the order of newer Willys MB jeep kits. It also includes the M1 Garand window mount.

Bronco’s jeeps are also very nice. They are broken down into a lot of small part, but offer great details as well. But, they are Ford GPWs (jeeps license built by Ford), not Willys MBs. They are basically the same, with a few different parts that Ford used, such as an upside down U-shaped front frame cross member as opposed to Willys rounded tubular front cross member. Also many of the parts on GPWs will have F-script cast or stamped into them. Lastly, the impression for the rear toolbox opening button on a GPW were square and round on an MB.

The only ones I would stay away from is the Dragon Willys and the older Tamiya Willys w/trailer. Even the old Italeri jeep was pretty good, but not as good as the newer ones above.

Though British, maybe also interesting:

Not sure if it will work but takom makes a keep Patton combo that looks nice

Takom makes one…

And T-Rex Studios makes parts, like the fenders, engine, grill and wheels for added detail.


Right, like I posted above, with a link to a review of it.

Personally, I don’t think any of the T-Rex stuff is any better than the kit parts and they

are not needed.

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I like the Meng kit. I am building one without a M1 with a Tiger Design bracket. I can send you the Meng part if needed.

I have the Takom kit but dislike how you attach the rear panel. Don’t understand why they did it that way.

Tamiya is nice. Tiger design has an update set. They are going away soon as I recall.


Just a brief added note/question; you don’t mention what Nationality or Theater of Operations you are interested in for your Jeep.

I assume post D-Day Europe and being used by US troops.

Built the Meng kit and it’s nice and have a half built Takom kit half built. I also don’t understand why Takom designed the rear end.
I think the Meng kit slightly superior to the Tamiya kit

Yes, European theater.

So I think I will start with Mengs Jeep.

Bronco’s Jeep riders

Eduards PE for Tamiya’s Jeep

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That would be great. I am trying to get two PE mounts for the rifle.

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Good choice. Meng’s Willys MB is probably the best on the market for details and ease of build. For good M1 Garand’s, Legend makes a nice resin set.


You might want to try getting a copy of “World War II US Cavalry Groups” by Gordon Rottman published by Osprey. You will, I am sure, find many ideas for a Bantam which is how the Jeep was refered to in the Cavalry.

The book also defines for you how the Cavalry Squadrons and Troops were organized during that period, which in turn may spur you on to including your Bantam in a diorama along with an M8 or M20

Thank you for your suggestions. Detail is very important on a small build where your attention in focused on a small area.

Here are 2 conversions that you might find useful ,

OIP (1)

Hope you have a great/safe weekend.

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Who makes the top photo upgrades?

It is the Royal Models set:

More pics of it added to the Tamiya kit here:


So its almost a Trex jeep with a takom aftermarket tub.

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