Best lighting for modeling

What are some of the recommended lights for modeling

There’s a discussion here:

Earier this year I nought Benq e-reader desk lamp. LED, with intensity and hue adjustment, telescopic arm and bent head giving very wide coverage. Excellent light source for a troublesome sometimes sight.

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I’ve got one Ottlite on my bench and two 5500K Tensor lamps. I’m looking for one of the big box stores to get in a new supply of desk Ottlites to replace one of the Tensor lights.

At my age (73 and only one useable eye), one can’t have enough proper light.


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I put one of these into use. Install the 5500 LED and you’re good to go!

I bought one of these too! I like it because it is portable and the multiple intensities and hues can help. I often paint in my basement but build at another work bench so I like a bright portable light.

The light should be Daylight,between 5000K-6500K,CRI 80+

At my Bench i have 2 lamps,one classic desk lamp with the proper led bulb like barnslayer,and a magnifier lamp which I modified to become LED after the original CFL lamp died.
the old model of this one but now have 3 circles of LED daylight 5500K

Every now and then when it is too hot or I want to watch a movie with my better half I set up my station on the living room table and I just got this “Daylight DuoLamp Table”, I am very happy, 3 intensity levels, the 2 arms are completely independent both in position and intensity,super versatile

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Great choices and options guys. Much appreciated for the info. I’m not that dead set on another Ottlite, only that whatever lamp I buy has a 5500K bulb or will accept one.

The tensor lamp I bought to replace one of the two Tensor lites I ha use along with my Ottlite looked like it was daylight in the store, but once home surely was way to warm.