Best modern 1/35 DML NATO/Western machine gun

For the “Summer Nostalgia 2023” campaign, I am kitbashing pre-Year 2000 DML/Dragon figures and I have the “DML 1/35 Modern Machine Gun Set.”

Anything goes…since 1/35 DML figures are often soft in details and molding, I don’t really care what machine gun I arm it with as my figures don’t depict any actual unit as I cobbled spare parts and torsos to create these figures for the campaign. So…M249 SAW, M-60E3, MG3, M-16A2 LMG, L7A2 FN MAG, SA80 LMG (I have this), etc…any preferences?

However, I would like to know your opinions of what is considered the best MG option in the DML MG set. I also heard that the Russian ones were the best functioning ones in the set. Thanks!

IMO; out of that set; the M60, the L7A2 GPMG, the MG3 and the PKM are the best looking ones. All of them are well molded and detailed, but those are my choices.


@SableLiger I went with the L7A2 GPMG as it seemed to be the best MG that fit in the arm pose and hands. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Agree, and the 249 is nice …


The majority of those weapons are assault rifles, not guns.

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So go complain to Dragon!

Unfortunately, Dragon ceased making 1/35 modern weapons sets decades ago. They were some of the best 1/35 modern weapon sets at the time, and I still think that they are as some of the other competitors are off in scale or details.

Ronald Volstad and Dragon never said who designed and made the modern 1/35 Dragon weapon sets, many which are now outdated but still useful and the “only 1/35 plastic game in town,” but Magic Factory and Gecko makes 1/35 U.S. and NATO modern weapons sets, of which I prefer the Magic Factory ones.

Don’t forget about me. I need to start taking pictures of my firearm sets.

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Right you are @MikeyBugs. Your 1/16 HK416s are excellent! :grinning:

I’d like to see both the M240L and M249 with the current iteration of components used. Sadly, Dragon;s versions (specially with the M249) are more suited for late 80s and early 90s. Specially with the newer gen versions with differend stock configurations, barrel lenghts, railed forends, stropnger bipods, multiple ammo drum sizes and even with 30-round STANAG magazines and optics.

And the M240 as well; the current version, the M240L, features the same sliding stock as on the M249, along with both a short barrel .


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@SableLiger Gecko Models makes some in 1/35 scale plastic…

Magic Factory makes the M240L and M249 in 1/35 plastic…

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I would love to buy some of your items but the postage to the uk is crazy.