Best photo-etch folding tools?

Hey there, looking for some feedback on the quality of various photo-etch folding tools.

I currently have The Small Shops 4” Hold and Fold tool, but i’m looking for a longer one to put in the arsenal.

Naturally I looked at The Small Shops 8” version…… but The Small Shop is closing down and this product is dis-continued! Such a shame.

So… anyone got any thoughts on the competitors products? RP Toolz? Trumpeter?

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I’m using RP Toolz 19.5 cm Piranha PE bender since 2016 and I’m still happy with it.



This is DSPIAE’s long PE bending tool. Available via EBay. I have a lot of DSPIAE tools and I consider them the best tool maker in the world today. Every tool I have purchased from them has exceeded my expectations. Very reasonable prices too. This bender offers either a black or chrome base plate. Check them out.


Hear, hear

Out of the tools I’ve used The Small Shop’s The Bug is my favorite.

However, DSPIAE’s long PE bending tool that Matt posted looks to be the best. Know what I want for Christmas :christmas_tree: now :blush:


Based on Matt’s glowing recommendation, I ordered the DSPIAE bender on Tuesday, from BNA Modelworld in Australia.

It arrive this morning (faster than I expected!). I have unboxed it…… and looks (as Matt mentioned) like an exquisite piece of engineering. Even the packaging is well engineered!

I havent had a good look yet, but will soon.

The reason I started this thread is because I basically trashed a set of photo-etch fenders I was building for a brummbar kit. So, I also ordered a new set at the same time… hopefully this time I will have better luck!

Thanks @ayovtshev @SSGToms and @Armor_Buff for the feedback! and yes @Armor_Buff put this on your christmas wishlist! although I am loathed to use it now and scratch up the nice polished surface??!!??


“Do it… DO IT…”

—mike :grin:


Small Shop " Bug " and " 5 Speed " also by Small Shop .


Those were definitely the two best tools out there but Small Shop is closed now. I recommend DSPIAE. They also have a small, versatile bender -

Dspiae AT-MPB Mini Photo Etched Parts Bender | eBay


I to have this tool. As well as the 2 base plates you turn it around for long items with just one edge. It’s really very versatile.
It’s also marketed by Meng with their name on it.

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Scratching the base is a right of passage. It does scratch with every use.

It’s developing character.


In the antique world ( cars , motorcycles, furniture, etc. ) they call it “ patina “ …