Best Tank that Never Was - Part 2!

Yes, the mud is certainly a great option. What did you use to make it on you T-34/85 build? It sure looks great.

The seller has promised to send me the wrecked bits for the A1E1. It will be some weeks before they arrive and once here we will see what is what. If they take no measures to keep the new bits from battering each other, I may be no better off. I can certainly build what I have now but it will not be as nice as it should be.


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Thanks, Paul. I used several layers of Vallejo thick and thin mud with washes at the end. Also put mud on a brush and blew it onto the model with my airbrush to get a splatter effect. I am sure MiG or AK interactive will work just as well.

Well at least it’s a good result from them! Too many other makers wouldn’t even acknowledge their culpability in the matter… Good luck with the replacements!

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