Bf 110 F Flaps


if anyone has some decent pictures/information on what the Bf 110 F flaps/leading edge slats looked like in the deployed position, i’d be most grateful thanks.

Just wondering whether its worth pimping up an Eduard 1/48 Profipack, which has the high lift devices stowed.

I’ve been looking at a bunch of photos and it seems like the slats could be both out and in while the aircraft was parked on the ground.

This is not a 110 (! :grin: ) but here you can see how Eduard has done the slats on the 1/72 109E, There isn’t any detail below the slats, only a wing profile shape, and I think this is quite like it was in real life as well. If you want to do something like this, you could saw off the slats and build up the inner surface using Milliput or plastic stock and then thin down the sawed-off kit part and reattach it!



The 109 & 110 slats were set up on a spring system so they would pop out once pressure on them was relieved at lower speeds. So you would normally expect them to be open on the ground. This very evident in the pictures of the 262 on the ground. As noted above pictures of the 109 & 110 on the ground show them both ways but in many pictures it is hard to work out if they are in or out.

This is the best pic I can find with the slats out on the ground.

Looking into this further I dived into Valiant Wings Airframe & Miniature for the 109, vol 1 & vol 2. Alas and almost unusually I could not find a discussion of the slat positions or how they operated. Almost every picture of the 109 on the ground in these volumes has the slats closed.

I might have to go into my 262 references as I’m thinking the mechanism must have changed between the 109 & 110 and the 262 series as the 262 almost always has the slats open on the ground.

Its interesting isn’t it!

I think on balance, the flaps and slats will remain retracted. This is certainly not wrong anyway.

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