Biplanes and Other Rigged Aircraft

Group Build Title: Biplanes and Other Rigged Aircraft

Group Build Leader(s): @hudson29

Group Build Description: iplanes & Other Rigged Aircraft. Biplanes but to include the many monoplanes as well as triplanes from all eras including post war aerobatic & sport aircraft that were rigged. Models must be completed, painted, and rigged to qualify for an award.

Event Details: (Remember to click “Going” if you want to join the build!)

Completion Award: TBD

I have a Corsair F4U5N in the stash. Is it accepted ?

Like many modelers, I’m afraid of rigging. I used to do it when I was a kid and the results were not always bad. Back then I just glued 'em together with only a few if any painted details. I didn’t have much time invested in these projects and was willing to be more experimental.

Now, the idea of ruining a model that I have spent weeks or even months on by doing a bad job on the rigging keeps me choosing safer subjects. I want to change that!

I want to learn how to rig an airplane and make it look good incorporating the rigging with painting and other details needed to make a good replica.

There are traditional materials used for rigging such as fishing line, wire & stretched sprue. There are also some newer materials that may make this job easier.

If you know how to rig an airplane, please show us how you do it. If you, like me want to learn, here is a place to do it. Tips, techniques & material suggestions are all most welcomed.


No rigging to speak of in a modern plane like that, so no it would not qualify for this build.


Very interested in this one but may be a bit overcommitted at the moment.

Maybe it’s an excuse to buy the new Lukgraph Jenny kit……

Yes, I too was looking at that kit. Lots of rigging there! We’re not starting for a few months yet & I will see if we can get the campaign extended through the end of June, 2025 making it a full year. That should allow plenty of time for an extended build.


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but everyone has to recommit, when you edit an event it loses prior commitments

Ok, no problem. Thank you for your answer.

I’m going to say a tentative maybe. Depends on what else I’m doing and if I have time. I’ve got a few in the stash I can choose from anyway.

I am in several campaigns currently but I have 3 rigged aircraft in my stash so…definently maybe.

Thanks for getting the change made. I think we have the makings of a great campaign here.

Please do re-up everyone as the date changes made this necessary.


I have a P-26 Peashooter started maybe 15%… cockpit assembled, and was starting on the engine when sidelined, would that be eligible?

Sure, that will be fine. is your Peashooter in 1/48 or 1/32? I too have a partially completed P-26 (Hase) just about as done. Its been stalled for 30 years . . .


It’s the 1/48 Hobbycraft kit…

Great! I have one or two of those in the pile someplace. I’m looking forward to seeing how it builds.


It’s a neat little kit. I just got diverted off it due to other projects…

I see Copper State Models has a new kit out of the Bristol Scout. I have a couple of their other aircraft and they are good kits that remind me of the old WNW.

I’m very excited about another company I just recently found out about, Lukgraph out of Poland. The make multi-media kits mostly out of resin with 3D printed parts & PE. I bought one of a very interesting subject, a Boeing F2B-1 and it arrived today. What a great kit! The resin is straight, well detailed and needs very little cleanup. The flying surfaces have wire reinforcements to help with location and the instructions and decals look terrific. I have no idea if the parts fit or if there may be other problems but I sure like what I see on first glance.

Rigging? You bet! The locations are called out clearly so once I learn how to rig these models it should be a great rare bird.



I’ll go in this campaign, choice of Biff, Albie D5, SE5a in Eduard 1/48, Ship Camel and Felixstowe in Roden 1/72. Feeling the need to do the SE5

I am going to experiment so much with the matchbox British bomber kit. I forgot what it is called, but will post a picture soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Amegan - Those WW1 kits will have plenty of rigging. I look forward to seeing how you make out with them.

SGTJKJ - I did not know Matchbox made a British Bomber kit. is it in 1/72?